Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Aha Moment of the Season, Herbally Speaking!

Can't Believe This German Chamomile Overwintered!
Will Have Lots of Chamomile Tea Bags to Enjoy!
Sitting on the Driveway Deciding Which Flowers to Cut First!
Sometimes it takes awhile to have that aha moment in the herb garden.  This one was going to smack me in the face.  This German chamomile overwintered in the herb garden from last season.  We put a bucket over it at times during the winter and it made it through with flying colors.  Every season one herb seems to be an overachiever and this season it is the chamomile.  Lucky for me chamomile is one of the teas that is recommended for people with GERD.  I know there are rakes to cut the flowers from the chamomile, but I like to take my time and work my way through the plant in sessions.  I have about three boxes of flowers at the moment.  Not filled to the top, but nicely cut and then they will go into self-seal tea bags to be brewed during the fall and winter.  Since I have come back from England I have been having a cup of tea even on the hot days.  So I hope you have had your aha moment in your herb garden or whatever garden you may have.

It was a beautiful day in the 'Burgh.  We got the grass cut and I'll have a day of trimming tomorrow.  We also tied the ornamental grasses up so we could walk around.  Sorry this is so late in the day.  Hope you have had a great day.  Talk to you later.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

How wonderful to grow your chamomile and to make your own teabags filled with the blooms.

Herbs are good for us.

Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

Barbara said...

My chamomile is trying to break out of its allotted space this year. It is about 3 and 1/2 feet tall with flowers galore!! We'll sleep good next winter!

Terra said...

Chamomile is a beautiful plant and such a lovely tea. Our ah ha plant is fever few, which pops up all over on its own, and I let many of the sprouts grow. The flowers look like chamomile to me.

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, it is a good thing FL. Hope your week is a good one.

We will sleep good this year, Barbara.

I have the double flowered feverfew Terra which in its single form does look a bit like chamomile. Not sure how a tea would be. Maybe bitter. Not apple scented like chamomile.

Thanks for stopping by ladies! xo

kathyinozarks said...

your chamomile is gorgeous I just planted seed hoping to get nice plants-I love the tea too

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks kathyinozarks. I can't believe it came back from the ground and was actually green all of the winter. It was just an herbal miracle. Hope your plants grow as big as mine is! You'll have a bunch of tea. xo