Monday, April 10, 2017

Scented Geranium Flowers and Redbud Too!

Mint Scented Geranium in Bloom!
Cercis canadensis, The Eastern Redbud, One of My Favorites!
Gosh, time is flying by and the heat has come again to the 'Burgh!  That means that gardening will begin in earnest soon.  Got out and weeded some and need to dig grass out of places it shouldn't be in!  You know the same old tasks!

The mint scented geranium that lives in a container and in our garage in the winter has started to bloom.  Beautiful pinkish white blooms and then the scent of the mint scented geranium hits you!  Just glorious.  Also if you have a shady garden, this is the one scented geranium that needs shade.  That is why we have it in a container.  Do you have an herb that has been inside that is a favorite?  We have had a bunch of casualties of the herbal variety this winter.

My favorite tree with edible flowers is blooming right now, the Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis).  Thought we might lose the blooms in the last (I hope!) cold spell the other day and they weren't quite open which helped them survive.  The flowers taste like lettuce in a salad.  The blooms are closely held on the branches unlike other blooms of trees.  This tree does come with its issues.  It is really native to limestone outcroppings of the Carolinas.  Soo it is probably at its upper reaches when it resides here.  It gets canker and when it gets below zero a ways (like 22 degrees below zero), it will not survive.  Other than that, it has heart shaped leaves that turn a bright yellow in the fall.  What's not to love?  We have lost several over the years and they keep seeding and coming back which is a good thing!  So do you have a favorite tree that is in bloom at the moment.

Our landscape is coming alive finally.  Only three weeks until May?  Yikes!  Just crazy how the time is flying by.  So I will try to be posting more as we get into the garden and work.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, herbally speaking in the new season.  Talk to you soon.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Prairie Garden Finished Almost!

After 25 Years Done, Almost!
Well, we are still up and down weather wise here in the 'Burgh!  Yesterday we had to bring the corduroys and heavy coats out again to go out to dinner.  Yikes!  Today is a better day, but of course I am here typing on the computer.

Just wanted to show you that the stitching is done.  Now I have to find someone to finish the project.  I was hoping just to fringe the edge, but the material after being in my stash box for so long is quietly coming apart.  So I need someone with a big sewing machine to finish it.  Put a backing on it so that I can use it as a coverlet for our bed. It is after all 62" x 48"!  I have someone in mind and will let you know the outcome in future days.  She has projects ahead of mine.  Good things come to those who wait!

And oh by the way, it is APRIL already!  As I say, the weather has been up and down and soon we will get on the right track.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  I will talk to you later.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Will Try This Again, Herbally Speaking!

Lovage is Popping Its Leaves Up!
Don't Forget to Leave The Dandelion Flowers for the Bees!
Angelica is Quite Perky on a Sunny Day!
Square Eleven Done!  One More to Go!
Seems like a while since I have been by.  The weather has continued to be up and down.  We finally have daffodils blooming.  Some of the bushes and trees that had started to leaf out will have to start again.  We covered a lot of plants with ornamental grass clippings.  Will probably have to pull more grasses than normal this year because of seeds growing.  We have gotten out in the front garden and clip things down and took out a redbud that had died.  It was right by the walk and I don't want anything to happen to the mailman or delivery people!  We had one car stop while we were working and tell us how much she loved our garden!  That really means a lot!  Thanks to her!

So the lovage is up in the main herb garden.  We had planted one in the back gardens and I don't see signs of it.  The angelica is up and looking very happy.  Hope the building of the new arbor doesn't hurt their leaves!  We looked for signs that the lemon verbena has come back that we left in the ground.  No signs of life yet.  And please, please don't take out all of your dandelions.  Leave some flowers for the bees.  It is one of the first flowers of the season for them.

Been very intently trying to finish this cross-stitch throw.  Coral bells is square eleven as you can see in the photo.  I am working on the twelfth and final square.  Hoping to get it done by Friday.  We shall see.  There is still a chill in the air here.  So we will move with baby steps to get covers off.  Hope you are having a fabulous day wherever you may be.  Still have so much to say and hopefully will get back on track soon!  Talk to you later!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Day of Herbs For Health and Well Being with the Western Reserve Unit at the Cleveland Botanic Garden!

A Folder Chock Full of Great Herbal References!

The Beautiful Centerpieces Made with Mulberry Creek Herbs!

A Full Room Eager to Learn About Herbs for Well Being!

At the Lunch Break, Bonnie and I Had To Go Out in the Herb Garden!

The Thyme Garden and the Mill Stones Give Structure!

Two Happy Herbies in the Winter Garden!

Even This Walk Is Grand Among The Roses!

This Is One of My Favorite Parts--The Knot!

Someone Found Some Green Shoots to Nibble On!

One of the Beautiful Tussie-Mussie That Was Won By Someone At Each Table!

We Even Made An Herbal Product to Take With Us!

And the Delightful and Old John Bartram Paid Us a Visit!
Bonnie and I are always looking for herbal escapes in the dead of winter.  This so-called winter has not been as bad as usual.  So when our wonderful herbal Ohio friend, Kathleen Gips mentioned last fall that the Western Reserve Unit of the Herb Society of America was having a Day of Herbs for Health and Well Being in March, 2017 we thought we should go.  Madame Vice Chair also offered us a room or two at Chez Gips.  We were definitely in then.  The day started at 9:00 AM and to be in Ohio at that hour from Pennsylvania would have had started about 6:30 AM for us to get there on time.  So thank you gentle herb lady and her bionic husband, Jack for being gracious hosts.

The speakers were a wide variety of subjects, including ancient herbals and their histories, historic medicinal gardens, a visit from John Bartram, American Medical Herbalist, creating a personal herbal retreat where we got to make an herbal product to take home and enabling gardens for the older herb gardeners.  Then there was a break and an additional evening programs were cocktails with an herbal twist along with a visit by Frederick Olmsted.  Bonnie and I decided that we needed to leave after the afternoon programs and head home.  It was a break that both of us needed to get recharged for the season to come.

As I have said on many occasions in this blog, any garden should have four seasons of interest and when you have a winter such as we have in the north, pathways, monuments, fountains need to be the structure to define your garden.  It doesn't have to be as elaborate as the Cleveland Botanical Garden but I hope you get the idea to have a visual feature in your herb garden.  Something for the birds to sit on or the chipmunks to dig around.  You get the idea.

I didn't realize that Holden Forests & Gardens a/k/a Holden Arboretum is part of CBG now.  I think I will have to pay them a visit because I have some old herbals, but the ones that were shown in the talk were very interesting.  The rare book room houses collections from Warren H. Corning, a founder's collection of the Holdens and the rare books of the Herb Society of America.  An extra road trip this summer.  The room is only open certain days and by appointment as well.

I also got some additional names of medicinal gardens to visit during our travels.  Some of them I have written about in this blog such as the Chelsea Physic Garden and the University of Oxford Botanic Garden which is England's oldest.  I just got to see the Oxford one last year and have yet to post about it.  The speaker talked about The Poison Garden in Alnwick, Northumberland, England where you must be escorted by a guide so that you are not tempted to touch the plants!  This is one that I think I must see soon.  She also showed The Cloisters garden north of NYC.  One of my favorites.  You get the idea.  I will work on putting a post together of some of the other medicinal gardens she spoke about.

The Western Reserve member who did the Creating a Personal Herbal Retreat talk talked about being the owner of a jewelry store and that she used to go out to her car to escape at lunchtime and took time for herself with various herbal aids.  We did a workshop at the end of her talk where we made a sugar exfoliating scrub with lavender and bergamot oils.  Delicious!

There was also a speaker who talked about making the garden more accessible and isn't that what some of us need right now.  She showed us many raised beds and tools that would help reduce fatigue in the garden.  Got me thinking for sure.  I think it would be good for The Herbal Husband to garden for as long as he can and these raised table beds from Gardener's Supply she showed maybe just the ticket.

So can't really have a great conference without the reenacting of Kirk Brown.  This time he was John Bartram.  Bonnie and I are always amazed that he embodies the character he is portraying and he never misses a beat.  You forget he is a contemporary.  All in all it was a wonderful day and we got home safely even with snow showers.  So glad we were able to go.

Very cold here.  Yes, I know I was too cocky about our weather and OK Phil you were sorta of right.  Maybe we are going to have two feet of snow this season, our normal.  So I really need to talk about my England trip and so that will be what I will concentrate on.  I have also started to read about Cilantro/Coriander.  So as always I have a lot to talk about, herbally speaking.  Hope you are staying warm and dry.  Will talk to you again soon.


Monday, March 6, 2017

A Giant Roller Coaster of Weather This Winter!

First and Maybe Only Crocuses to Bloom!
Square Six-Thistle!
Really where did winter go?  I hope it doesn't appear in April or May!   Now I am afraid we will just jump right into summer from here.  It has happened before.  I am pretty sure that we are under our "normal" snowfall totals for the year less than two feet!  It is pretty amazing.  I really do like to be snowed in just one time during the winter.  We are two weeks or so away from spring beginning.  The daffodils still just have leaves, but soon the flowers will be appearing!  The trees and shrubs and rose bushes have started to leaf out and although we are not out of the woods as far as frost goes. We have had frost as late as mid May some years.  But it has been a giant roller coaster of weather this winter!

We were hoping to get out in the front garden this morning and work, but it just didn't materialize.  I guess we have time to do things, but the chores will just start piling up.  Also hoping to get the elderflower tree dug and transplanted.  Probably should have done it last fall, but we ran out of energy!

The afghan had a brief interruption for some gift making.  As you can see Square Six is a thistle.  The spines of the thistle actually work quite well to trap the stink bugs, but only some, not all.  Working hard on Square Seven which will probably be done for the next post for certain.

Hope you are having a fabulous day wherever you may be.  Waiting for rain to arrive.  In the 50's today and 60's tomorrow.  Still a roller coaster of weather!  Talk to you soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Wild and Crazy February in the Herb Garden!

Time to See What is Coming Up in the Herb Garden!
Maybe This Has Started to Grow for You--Wild Oregano!
Got a Ton of Cleanup Done in the Back Gardens!
Square Five Done Just in Time for Spring!
This winter so far as been a puny one!  I really love to be snowed in once and while and that is when we get some of blue sky days in the 'Burgh.  We have had blue sky days, but no snow.  Yesterday it was 76 degrees here!  We were one degree short of tying a record for February 24th!  It has been unbelievable!  The Herbal Husband and I have gotten a huge amount of cleanup done in the back gardens, including the raspberry patch that hadn't been touched in two seasons.  And we got all of the ornamental grasses cut down thanks to the extension cord and electric hedge clippers.  Still remember the days when we took the old hand clippers and trimmed them!  We had six straight days of cool to very warm weather.  It has been a blessing.  Was so behind the herbal eight ball last season with everything.  I would like to be on top of things this season.

We are going to have cold days going forward into March and maybe even some snow.  Take a deep breath.  I get a bit excited and want to start drastically trimming herbs.  Not so fast Lemon Verbena Lady!  So I started out on a patch of wild oregano which is quietly taking over the front of the herb garden.  It doesn't have too much flavor, but what it lacks in flavor it makes up for in lovely purple flowers and I sometimes when I think about it early, I make the branches and flowers into wreaths for the gate.  The bees also love the flowers as well.  So it is a win-win, herbally speaking.

That last photo is my progress on the afghan.  Square Five is daffodils just in time for spring.  I am almost done with square six which means I will be halfway finished!  It has been a fun fun project.  I have already decided to keep digging in my 30+ years of stash to get those projects that were started and not finished or ones that I need to do done.  I had better find that pill that will keep me stitching into my next life soon.

So can't believe that February is about to end.  What will March bring?  It is always an interesting month here in the 'Burgh!  How are you doing with your break from the garden or in some cases already planting anew!  Please let me know!  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Favorite Getting a Quick Dose of Sun and Other Stuff!

The Lemon Verbena is More Like a Topiary These Days!
George, One of Three Feral Cats The Herbal Husband Treats!
Four Squares Down, Eight To Go!  This Square Are Cornflowers!
Well, we are not having February weather at all!  I do like to be snowed in and Mother Nature is NOT cooperating!  I am not sure that she will.  Today is a beautifully sunny day in the mid to upper 60's.  This is February?  Usually this means we will have a crappy March or jump from spring to summer in a couple of days!  I am only complaining because the bug populations needs to be really really put in the deep freeze and that has not happened this season.  We usually get about two feet of snow per winter.  Sometimes we are wildly over that amount, but this year we are under, but not by much.  Well the one thing about warmer weather that I love are the spring bulbs and they will be popping here soon!  I am sure a lot of herbs will be showing their leaves if this continues.

So the lemon verbena has turned into a topiary which isn't all bad, but hopefully getting it out in the fresh air and sun will stimulate the lower branches to produce!  Your lemon verbenas that are inside should be showing signs of life.  As long as you have been watering them about every two weeks, they should be starting to produce leaves.  Took the cover off the lemon verbena we left in the herb garden and it was very wet.  So while we have about a week of really mild weather, we are going to leave the cover off and let it dry out!  We have had a very mild winter so maybe we will get lucky and it will come back.  Can I just mention that I pulled from the shelf one of my favorite herb books, Mrs. Reppert's Twelve Month Herbal.  I think I talked about this book on many occasions.  It is so much fun to read day by day and in some cases for me, it mirrored the happenings in my herb garden.  Really, really fun to sit and hang out with Mrs. Reppert in her herb garden!  Fortunately, it is still available on The Rosemary House website. 

That second photo is of one of the feral cats called George that The Herbal Husband has become fond of.  I think I mentioned he started "treating" some cats while I was in England one year.  I came home to find treats on the table in the basement where I do laundry!  George has become a wide load and in this photo he was rolling around on the driveway getting the dust off!  I am allergic to cats so they are all his!

The third photo is of my progress on my afghan and the first row is complete.  I need the step stool to get an aerial view.  Oh, maybe I need a drone for that!  Probably not!  The photo is the fourth square in the first row, cornflowers.  I am enjoying this stitch so much.  I have already plotted my path for the next row.

I hope you are enjoying your break from your herb garden.  Many of us in the northern half of the U.S. have not had a normal winter.  I hope that it mostly a good herbal thing!  I will be back out there soon enough.  Actually looking today to see what I could start doing and I may share that in my next post!  Talk to you later!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Gray and White Day in the Herb Garden!

Yes, Sun and Snow At The Same Time!
A View Into The Back Garden!
I think I have mentioned that I am a four seasons kind of girl.  I love all seasons but particularly spring, fall and winter.  Summer gets too hot for me.  So I can't see me ever living in the south for example.  After whining about not having snow, I got my wish today in the form of about four inches of the fluffy white stuff.  I was not prepared though to find the sun coming out AND snow falling to the ground!  It was sort of an unreal experience.  The banner photo shows St. Fiacre being blinded by the snow.   The only other problem with snowy days in the 'Burgh is that it is very dark!  Lights seem to be always on these days.  It is OK!  We have turned the corner as far as light at the end of the day and by the end of February, we will accumulate another 1-1/2 hours of light.  So spring is near really!  A few more days of snow and cold and another winter will be in the back of our memory banks.

I still have lots to talk about.  I still want to talk about herbal teas, celebrate my love/hate relationship with cilantro, the 2017 Herb of the Year, and talk more about savory, the 2015 Herb of the Year.  You get it.  I am planning a special Valentine's Day tea for The Herbal Husband.  Sshh!  Don't tell him, but it will include some of his favorites and some of mine.  I will share it with you next time.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  Talk to you soon.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Gray and Green of the Herb Garden Even in Winter!

Still Trying to Make the Germander a Hedge!
I Love the Gray of the Artemisia!
Wow, This Lamb's Ear Has Taken Its Share of the Herb Garden!
Always A Green Source in Winter in the Herb Garden, Salad Burnet!
Well, I didn't think I would be sitting here talking about 40's, 50's even maybe 60 degrees in the herb garden in February.  We may get up to 1/2" of rain tomorrow before we head back to more seasonal temperatures!  I got a memory of February past in my Facebook account this morning that went back to 2011. We had a lot of snow that year. This year not so much.  That is a bit worrisome.

It is such a nice day that I ventured out and took some photos of my favorites in the herb garden this time of year even when it is very snowy.  I also wanted to try and get a list together of moving herbs so that we are on top of it this season.  I need to think about the oregano population in the herb garden.  It is spreading everywhere and taking space where I could have other varieties and you know how I like other varieties of herbs!

Two of my favorite green plants even in the cold of winter are germander and salad burnet.  Germander is a traditional hedge in the herb garden and mine is looking more like a small hedge each day.  And salad burnet that gives you a cucumbery taste in salad and makes a lovely vinegar.  It does not taste so much like cucumber this time of year.  It keeps you in suspense!  The gray favorites are artemisia and lamb's ear.  The artemisia was transplanted late in the season last year and hopefully it will make a hedge similar to the germander.  The lamb's ears are volunteers that need to be moved around.  It will continue to grow out of scale again where I could plant other herbs!  What are your favorite green and gray herbs in the winter garden.

Almost the second week of February and I have been busy with my stitching.  Here is where I am on the afghan.
Square One of Twelve!
I think it will be close to two months of stitching to get all of the squares done.  I will be sprinkling posts in and among the stitching days.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be!  It is another blue sky day and I may get out and take a walk since it is so nice.  Rain tomorrow and maybe even a clap of thunder!  Talk to you soon!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

An Herbal Design That Might Stick!

The Spring 2017 Issue of Herb Quarterly Magazine!
Sorry I have been happily stitching away and forgot that I should and could post a couple of items before the end of the first month of the year!  How did that happen?  I got the latest issue of Herb Quarterly magazine the other day and was happy to see a lot of great articles, herbally speaking.

Jekka McVicar when she was here in 2011 called our garden a forest garden.  One of my favorite authors these days comes from our friends to the north, Canada and specifically Calgary.  Sheryl Normandeau  from Flowery Prose has once again written about what The Herbal Husband and I are doing without knowing it.  The article in the Spring 2017 magazine is called The Forest Formula.  Is that the herbal chaos I think it is?  No, the forest has layers and our garden has some of those same layers!  Besides providing food for you and your family, "a forest garden also provides a beneficial habitat and food for wildlife, birds, and the insects you wish to attract as pollinators or as biological pest control."  She gives a list of herbs to use and here are some of those that have worked for us including:  artemisia, bergamot and calendula.  There is a longer list in the article and a complete list of the layers involved.  You can pick up the issue at Barnes & Noble and even some grocery stores carry it in my area.  You can also subscribe to Herb Quarterly if you are so inclined!

A Delightful Representation of The Rosemary House Herb Garden!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my stitching projects so far.  I have been getting a bunch of small patterns done that have been languishing in my stash boxes or ones that I have purchased recently from new to me designers.  One of my favorites is the one above called Mrs. Reppert's Herb Bag.  It is a very charming representation of The Rosemary House herb gardens.  I will just place it in a gold frame and hang it so that I can get inspiration from it every day.  It is from designer, Sharon Verbos.

I also am starting a fairly big project that I am not sure how long it will take.  It has taken me 25 years to get it out of the bottom of my stash box one.  So hopefully it will keep me busy until spring gets here.  It is an old Prairie Schooler pattern called A Prairie Garden.  This is so old that the gals that started Prairie Schooler have retired!  So it is twelve different flowers and the afghan has twelve squares.  Inspired by my finish of The Herbal Husband's citizenship sampler last year, I thought I should pick another long forgotten project to stitch!  This one is for me.
An Afghan to Cross Stitch 25 Years in the Making!
Winter has returned to the herb garden and the forest garden in the front and back.  The birds and other animals are more demanding of water and food.  We have not had too much snow yet and have only had to shovel a handful of times.  We were in the 60's last week.  It has been a crazy year already.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  I will talk to you again soon.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Texas Tarragon Will Work in Florida!

Texas Tarragon Even Works Inside!
Can't seem to stay away for long!  Since I answered Linda one of my readers from Florida who asked a question about savory, the 2015 Herb of the Year.  I have decided to answer FlowerLady Lorraine's question with a post of its own.

Her question was did I think she could grow Mexican or Texas tarragon in Florida.  I did give her a positive response, but I thought I would give the Florida herb gardeners a bit more information.  From the University of Florida extension here is a publication called Herbs in the Florida Garden.  It gives a good overall view of herbs that fare well in the Florida heat and humidity and says that tarragon struggles.  So here is Texas or Mexican tarragon (Tagetes lucida), a link from Bonnie Plants that gives some good information on the growing aspects of this licorice flavored herb.  Also it has a flower similar to the flowers of a 'Lemon Gem' marigold.  And I will add that for us Pennsylvania herb gardeners, it definitely is an annual, but it survives through the heat and humidity.

I asked The Herbal Husband when I was going away in November to cut it back and bring the branches in so they could dry inside.  But bless his heart, he dug up the entire plant and brought it in.  I have tried to minimize his plant work inside, but he just falls in love, herbally speaking, for all of the herbs we grow especially the annuals and wants them to get through the winter with us.

It really isn't winter in the 'Burgh at the moment.  We are supposed to be in the 50's all week!  What?  I still like winter and as I have mentioned it is good for the plants to have that break in the season.  I am afraid we may lose a few more plants than normal.  I am reminded that it is National Hot Tea Month.  So with that in mind, I may work on a few herbal tea blends for the next post.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  Talk to you soon.    

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Nice Lunch on a Cold Icy Day in the 'Burgh!

My Favorite Yinzer Tea, Black and Gold!
Roast Cauliflower, Mozzarella and Arugula Sandwich with Spicy Lentil Chili!
A Huge and Delicious Cranberry Scone!
Well, The Herbal Husband and I finally got down to have lunch at Tupelo Honey Teas Cafe in Millvale, PA.  Danielle the owner has been peddling her teas in a loft in an industrial park for several years and late last year opened a cafe in Millvale.  I love Danielle's spirit and passion for teas.  Her shop is cozy, homey and all about tea.  I forgot to take some interior shots, but next time.  Was enjoying the food and that scone!  And sadly we took home two more, lemon poppyseed ones and they were gone with our evening tea!  This wheat free thing isn't going too well.  I must say that the food is vegetarian/vegan and delicious.  The chili was a bit too spicy, but to the rescue was my favorite tea blend which has ginger in it and it calmed my stomach right down.  Next time they have a spicy soup, I will try one of their salads.  I also want to say that her shop is connected literally to the Millvale Community Library.  She and the library have planned lots of fun events on the first Saturday of each month for adults at nominal fees and with treats by Tupelo Honey Teas through May, 2017. 

I am looking forward to January 22nd when Tupelo Honey Teas and British Emporium & Tearoom will host The Art of Afternoon Tea with a traditional afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and desserts.  They are having two seatings, 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM and if you are in the Pittsburgh area, think about attending. There are openings in the 4:00 PM hour or there were.  It is $27 and you must reserve a seat and pay in advance.  Hopefully the weather will be bright, sunny and snow and ice free!

As you can see by the banner page, as of this morning the snow has melted.  We are going to be in the 50's today and 60 tomorrow!  Oh the bulbs will be confused!  By Friday we will be back in the 30's again.  Off to see Hidden Figures today at the movies and have a Panera lunch!  Hope you are having a great day!  Talk to you later!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Celebrating the Herb of the Year but Which One?

This blog is all about answering your questions about herbs.  I think I am behind in that goal.  So I am going to do my best to catch up.  Linda, a reader from Florida has asked about growing and using savory, the 2015 Herb of the Year!  Linda, you are in luck!  My little red notebook is still filled with my reading about savory!
My French Bowl Filled with the 2015 Herb of the Year Savory!
I haven't finished posting everything I wanted to about this wonderful peppery herb.  I did 12 posts about savory, the most about any of the herbs of the year.  So let me give you some links to those posts and hopefully I will continue to add to those postings this year.

Twenty Days In And Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year, Savory, All of Them!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year, Savory--Part Two!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-The 411 on Summer Savory and Winter Savory, Part Three!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories, A North American Native Savory--Part Four!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Five!
My 1,500 Post and A New Jelly Recipe Using the 2015 Herb of the Year!
An Extra Post
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Six!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Seven!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Eight!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Nine!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Ten!
Celebrating the 2015 Herb of the Year-Savories-Part Eleven!

Linda, I hope I have given you some reading material and I will try and get some more posts written in the coming days about the new 2017 Herb of the Year, Cilantro/Coriander and drain my red notebook of my reading about savory, the 2015 Herb of the Year.

As you can see we are covered in snow at the moment, but that will end by the end of the week as we are supposed to get to 60!  What!  Got to go eat lunch!  Remember your herbal questions are very important to me.  Talk to you again soon!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Getting an Early Jump on 2017--Herbally Speaking!

The Rue is Doing Nicely Next to the Lemon Verbena!
The Santolinas Are Also Doing Well!
Always Love to See Salad Burnet in the Winter Garden!
A Bit Too Late to Trim the Germander!
I Am Hoping We Will Have More of These This Winter!
My First Selfie of the Year!
Well, here I am doing what I said I wasn't going to do, post!  We don't get many sunny days in the winter here in the 'Burgh.  I had to take exception and show you what is going on in the herb garden.  I love the textures and color differences in the herb garden even in winter.  So many herbs stay green or gray throughout the winter which is always a plus when it is snowy and cold.  Some have taste like thyme and sage.  The salad burnet while looking pretty loses its flavor.  By the time I think to trim the germander to make it more hedge like, it has flowered and attracting bees and you know the rest.  The santolinas on the wall got moved from the bed in the back.  They are just small balls at the moment.  Hoping this season, they will get a bit larger.  I am going to talk about what we are trying with the white container and the lemon verbena maybe next time I am here. 

I actually took a walk yesterday to try and lose the pounds that I put on with that rediscovered food group at the holidays, COOKIES!   It was a glorious blue sky day here!  So I will be around periodically.  Always here if you have questions.  We are back to gray skies and rain here.  Cold is coming by mid-week.  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you soon!