Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lemon Verbena Living, How Did I Miss This?

A Very Early Bloom on My Favorite!
Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  There is a blog that is really and truly about my favorite, lemon verbena.  It is called Lemon Verbena Living from Mia Sherwood Landau in North Texas.  Mia lives, eats, breaths, grows and sells lemon verbena, live and dried.  She also found a book called A Plant of Lemon Verbena by Alicia Amy Leith from 1895 from England!  How did I not hear about this book or this blog?  I have been in my stitching cave, stitching!  That's why!

So I have linked her blog here in this post and in my favorite blogs in the U.S.  Hopefully, I will get some time to sit down and read the entire blog.  Looks like I have a bunch of reading to do Mia from 2014, but I think I will enjoy doing it and I will probably learn a ton about our favorite, lemon verbena.  Glad you found me Mia!  I am very delighted you did!

Since I talked about an Herb Companion post or two last post, I will give you links to my favorite posts about lemon verbena here:   In 2009 I did a post called The Lemon Verbena Lady's Favorite Herb.  In 2010 I did a post called A Summertime Favorite:  Lemon Verbena Jelly.  In 2011 I did a post called The Lemon Verbena Tales:  New Pests and Harvesting Tips.  In 2012 I did a post called The Herbal Harvest:  3 Lemon Verbena Recipes.  So that should give you few thoughts about my favorite in one place.

Here in the 'Burgh, IT IS STILL RAINING!  I have made a box of raspberry jam already.  We are supposed to have our last day of rain tomorrow and then we are to dry out.  I got the great news that my coverlet is finished and so Monday I will pick it up and hopefully show it to you then.  Hope you had a great day in your herb garden.  Ours is a jungle at the moment!  Talk to you soon.


Carol Samsel said...

The jungle has spread to Missouri too ­čśô it's been to hot to stick our heads out the door much less do any outdoor work. The rain keeps missing use again so it's back ti watering. I'll have to check out the blog .

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I would love to grow some lemon verbena! Will it grow down here in hot and humid s.e. FL?

I enjoyed the blog you posted a link to for growing lemon verbena.

We had some heavy rain along with a T-storm the other night. Yesterday was sunshiny, hot and humid with a breeze.

Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

Mia Sherwood Landau said...

Thanks, Nancy! I made your jelly today and it is delish! Actually, I'm taking 1/2 cup samples in plastic cups around to friends and retailers to see how they rate it. Thinking about a value-added product from our harvest, which will definitely be 'way larger than last year and much smaller than next year. I want locals to say, "oh yeah, that's the road with reining horses, llamas and lemon verbena. Have you ever seen it? Let's go there!" (Not my horses or llamas, but they help draw traffic...) Too bad I can't bring you some jelly today...