Sunday, January 23, 2011

One of My Favorites-Rosemary!

Sometimes I forget what nice herbal accessories I have!  It also helps me talk about rosemary which is definitely one of my favorite herbs.  Taylorsoutback  asked the other day what is my preferred rosemary for cooking.  Then yesterday I got an email about a good rosemary that was in the 24 inch range.  Here is that question and my answer.

We now need rosemary that is about 24 inches and upright to add to our newly reconstructed backyard environment.  There are paths around a central circle and interwoven paths throughout the yard. We are are looking for rosemary to use around raised beds and for the central circle.  The rosemary in the circle can be taller or shorter depending if it is in the center or closer to the border.  Any insight would be appreciated

I have the Well Sweep 2010 catalog in front of me.  I do love Well Sweep.  I wish I was closer to them.  They are a great family owned herb farm.  They talk about several rosemaries that made it through the winter of 2001-2002 when the temperature was 7 degrees.  'Dutch Mill' is 14 inches.  'Blue Spears' is 18 inches.    'Blue Gem' and 'Blue Spire' are 20 inches and upright.  'Logee Blue' is 22 inches (in a slightly protected area) and 'Sissinghurst Blue' is closest to what you need at 24 inches.  These are also 24 inches, 'Franeaux', 'Hulka', 'Pink' and 'St. Andrew's'.  So there are 5 choices that Well Sweep offers in the 24 inch size depending on their stock.

Unfortunately, I don't have experience with any of them.  I have grown 'Arp' at 17 inches, 'Golden Rain' at 14 inches, 'Prostrate', 'Salem' is about 18 inches, 'Spice Island' about 12 inches or larger and I think 'Tuscan Blue' at 30 inches.  I usually have one upright and one prostrate in the herb garden each year.  Both come in in a container for the winter.  I have never had a rosemary winter over in my herb garden.  The 'Prostrate' has been a container now for two seasons and has done well in our garage that has a southern exposure.  The 'Spice Island' was taken in late in 2010 and I think it got over watered.  Hopefully it will be alive when spring comes to go back in the garden again.

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs.  I would truthfully like one of each please!  I think 'Salem', 'Spice Island' and 'Tuscan Blue' did the best for me.  'Golden Rain' while it was unique was not a very strong plant in my experience.

Taylorsoutback, I do usually have just one prostrate and one upright.  Any more than that and I have to bring them all in and then that can lead to problems.  'Arp', 'Salem', 'Spice Island' and 'Tuscan Blue' are all fairly available in local garden centers and are very good for cooking.  If it says common on the tag, I would bet that it is an 'Arp'.   This is when I wished I lived in the southern part of the country so I could have a rosemary that was as big as a small car!  Don't forget to visit one of my favorite herb shops with rosemary, The Rosemary House and their blog, Rosemary's Sampler.  The sisters Reppert got me starting blogging and I've never looked back.  Well, I hope if you have had questions about rosemary, this has helped you.  If you have any lingering questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me.  I love to do research about my passion, herbs!

Well, got to run.  It is still freezing here!  Getting ready for the big game!  Go Steelers!  Talk to you later!


seanymph said...

Oh I love rosemary. I have one small plant now on my back deck. Its partially closed in there and growing well even thru the winter. Dont know what kind it is tho.

I planted one when I lived in CA. in my yard. It took awhile but it grew into this huge stunning bush with lots of pretty blue flowers. I was in love.......until one of the gardeners men cut it down!

I was having them do work to prepare the house for sale and they didnt speak english. (another reason for making folks learn it here!) The head guy told him to cut down the wild climbing rose bush which was fine with me........instead he did the rosemary and I had a fit.

In fact when they were hauling my baby away I made them leave the stuff there till I was able to strip most of it off the bush and dry it. Then and only then would I let them take her away. But by then my heart was broken.

maushaus17 said...

I have 2 Rosemary plants in the landscape in front of a limestone wall about a foot back from the front sidewalk that survived central PA winter last year. It has a southeast exposure. I mulched the crowns with leaves. They are about a foot tall and the tips are brown right now. I didn't trim the bush in the fall so I'll prune it back in the spring. Don't remember the species without looking at tags but I think one might be Arp. Right now the tags are covered with leaves and snow. - Judith

PeggyR said...

I love the mug! I like Rosemary also. I brought mine in this year and it seems to be doing well!

Carol said...

I love rosemary too and I love the way it makes the kitchen smell when I bring it in for the winter. This year with everything going so crazy in my life I forgot to bring it in :( So I'll have to start over this spring with a new one.

Mina said...

Rosemary is also a favorite of mine! Our winters here in Tennessee are usually mild enough I leave it out and it starts right back up in the spring. This one has been unseasonably cold and snowy so I hope I didn't lose it.

lemonverbenalady said...

Oh, I know all of those bad words! He would have been chewed out, seanymph! Just heartbreaking!

Lucky you, Judith! Hope they both make it back alive. I think you have done all the right things to keep them going!

Yes, Peggy, I love this mug as well. I have to start using it! Hope your rosemary makes it through.

We used to have a rosemary in our kitchen as well, Carol. I think it loved the steam and humidity from the pots.

You might have to start over like Carol, Mina. I hope not.

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

taylorsoutback said...

Dear LVL - when I calm down I must read through this so informative posting - lots of good info!! I will be back.

Hoping your Steelers have as good an outcome as our Pack....Super Bowl bound!!!!!!!

lemonverbenalady said...

Can't believe we got our wishes, TO! It is going to be an exciting game!