Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making Progress, Herbally Speaking!

Had to give you another photo of my favorite, lemon verbena.  It's hanging out in the basement at the moment getting some heat!  Just have to start giving it some more sun!  Ha!  That's funny in the 'Burgh!  Not much sun here at  the moment!  Eventually we will turn the corner here.  We always do.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be!  The quote for today is from Mrs. Reppert's TwelveMonth Herbal:

Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy tale.
- Lewis Carroll
Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Your Lemon Verbena is so sweet. I'd like to grow some this year.

Deb from Peterman Brook Herb Farm said...

It does feel good to see some new green shoots this time of year. My lemongrass plant is still the Queen of the Soap Shop right now!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I hope you do, Mina! I'm sure it will become a favorite!

Never have brought lemongrass inside for the winter! We have enough to take care of!

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!