Sunday, January 2, 2011

Moving Forward, Herbally Speaking!

This is a couple of new cuttings of Cuban Oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus).  This plant is a tender perennial for us in the northern areas.  The Victorians used it in the late 1800's as a bedding plant.  It is also used in some cultures as oregano and added to stuffing for meat and poultry.  It is also widely used in commercial blends as oregano.   Its common names are wide and varied:  Spanish thyme, oregano brujo (Puerto Rico), Indian borage, hung chanh (Vietnam), Mexican thyme and Mexican mint.  That brings me to my first resolution of the new year.  Whenever I speak about an herb I will always give you the botanical name.  Common names as you can see for yourself vary by region and sometimes smell or use.  If you know the botanical name, unless a plant is mislabeled (and that does happen) you will always get the correct plant.

One of my favorite herbals is Mrs. Reppert's Twelve Month Herbal.  Each day she talks about what is going on during her herbal day.  So from time to time I will give you a bit from that book to take with you.  A quote on January 2 from Henry Beston is what I will leave you with today.

  "It is only when we are aware of the earth and the earth as poetry that we truly live."

Hopefully over the next year, no matter how many days I may blog, I will share something from many of the herb books in my collection.  Hey, that may be my second resolution.

On a computer note, just very happy to report that Hotmail has gotten its act together.  It was very scary to see the e-mails start to collect and not being able to open any of them!  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  Going to exercise.  Talk to you later.


Carol said...

Love the quote and look forward to another inspiring year with you!
Thank you for your support the past few months. It has meant alot to me.

taylorsoutback said...

What a great quotation! And your header image of the herb garden asleep but still visible will get me through the next 3-4 snow covered months up here in the northwoods...
Can you figure out a way to make Spring arrive early?? My seed catalogs are piling up and the Richters is all ready well marked with red ink!
Hoping the Herbal Husband is on the road to feeling better too.

lemonverbenalady said...

Any time, Carol! Looking forward to a new year with you as well. Hope it is better for us all.

Thanks TO. I wish I had the power to make spring come sooner. I just got my Richters catalog the other day. I am going to get there some day. Maybe next year, 2012. There is a way to get plants back. That's my herbal dream.

The Herbal Husband wants to thank you for your good wishes and he is feeling better!

Thanks ladies for stopping by!

Tufa Girl said...

A plectranthus! Great info, LVL.

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, TG, whatever that is! Glad you liked it, TG! Thanks for stopping by.