Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Small List and Design for the Potpourri Garden!

The Herb Garden in October 2013
The Pineapple sage was so happy blooming in the herb garden last year.  I try not to do everything the same each year.  I've been thinking about what to do in the new season.   The other day I shared a list of favorite lemon herbs for one part of the garden.  In the other part I may do a small potpourri garden.  I already have a number of lavenders and you can't have enough of those.  Here is a small list (not exhaustive by any means) just to get you thinking about what you might like in your herb garden.  BTW, this is not my design nor list, but I forgot to write where I got it from.  Thought it might be Herb Companion and it still might be.  Will let you know.  I also wanted to add that this list would be in addition to what is already in my herb garden.  So I might not be able to use every plant listed here!

A Small Potpourri Garden (8' x 18')

1.  'Four Seasons' Rose--Rosa x damascena 'Quatre Saisons'
2.  'Louise Odier' Rose--Rosa bourbon 'Louise Odier'
3.  'Attar of Roses' Scented Geranium--Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses'
4.  Cinnamon Basil--a cultivar of Ocimum basilicum
5.  Fruit-scented Sage--Salvia dorsiana
6.  Portland Rose-- Rosa portland 'Jacques Cartier'
7.  Cabbage Rose--Rosa x centifolia 'Petite de Hollande'
8.  Hummingbird Mint-- Agastache 'Desert Sunrise'
9.  Bee Balm--Monarda didyma 'Marshall's Delight'
10.  Lavender--Lavendula angustifolia--'Sharon Roberts'
                                                                      'Buena Vista'
                                                                      'Irene Doyle'
14.  Tubbed rosemary or birdbath

          1                                  9                  14                       8                     7
                                        10    11                                    12     13               

          2                  3              4      Small Seating Area         5                   6 

The lines I "drew" didn't translate in the finished design.  So get out your imagination, please!  We are downright balmy today.  We are exactly at the 40 degree mark as I sit here typing!  Still February so I'm not going to get too comfortable at the moment.  Hope you are warmer.  The snow is melting here.  It is going to get cold again over the weekend!  I really hope we keep some of the snow as a blanket for the plants.  They have had a very hard winter!  So have we!  Well, many topics still to discuss.  Talk to you later.         


Herbaholic said...

Envious, love the sound of the Quatre Saison's rose, must investigate! May I suggest some irises e.g. Iris florentina? Roots to be used as a fixative for your pot pourri. I'd add myrtle, hyssop, pinks and some thymes as well :)

lemonverbenalady said...

All good added herbs HS. I do have some pinks (unless they died in the very cold winter) we have been having. I also have some thymes as well. This design and maybe I should mention this is one that I have to juggle what I already have planted with this new list. xo :)