Saturday, April 18, 2015

Four-Lined Plant Bug Damage Already and An Herbal Retail Experience!

Not An Herb But Four Lined Plant Bug Love Certain Perennials Too!
We have been slowly weeding and getting beds ready to plant seeds.  Yesterday, we came across the damage of the four-lined plant bug.  I associate the emergence of these pests with the blooming and leafing out of forsythia.  It is one of their favorites and it is blooming and leafing out all around us!  I did a post about them for Mother Earth Living called Herbal Pests:  The Four-Lined Plant Bug.  They really only do cosmetic damage and the plant starts to grow new leaves even before the bugs are gone, but it can be six weeks of herbal pain until they are gone.

Also got out and had an herbal retail experience at the local Garden Symposium co-sponsored by the Penn State Master Gardeners of Allegheny County, the Penn State Center Pittsburgh and Shady Side Academy.  Got several wonderful scented geraniums, a couple of lavenders and a clematis that is more like ground cover than a climbing vine.  Oh and a couple of agastaches.   

Herbal Retail Delights!
Latest Book from My Favorite Horticulture Teacher, Jessica Walliser!
My final purchase was the latest book from my favorite horticulture teacher, Jessica Walliser.  I have already read a bit and I loved your confessions, Jessica!  Will look forward to reading the rest and making a review in the coming days!

We had one of the more beautiful days today, sunny and warm.  Getting beds weeded and ready to plant seeds.  Although we are going to get strong storms tomorrow night into Monday.  So I told The Herbal Husband that we would work on clearing a second bed tomorrow and then postpone seeding until the storms pass on Tuesday or Wednesday.  At least we separated the seeds to be planted from the ones to plant later.  Never a dull moment.  Hope you are getting your gardens ready to go.  Maybe another savory post next time!  Talk to you later. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You are busy and once the bad storms have passed, you can plant seeds. Better to wait that's for sure.

Great goodies to add to your herb gardens. Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Faith said...

Love those scented geraniums. I ordered one Lemon Rose from a nursery none of the nurseries nearby had any, and some had no idea what I was talking about,when I inquired..I did find a Lemon Verbena ( Lovely :) )and Rosemary. We've go a small space,and I have an old Amish Wagon wheel and am using that to plant my herbs in. The Rosemary & LV, I may put in pots so I can bring them in over winter.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks FL! I just love the spring here! Hope everthing with you is good. xo

Hi Faith. Thanks for stopping by. Wagon wheels are very popular places to plant an herb garden. Glad you were able to find a lemon verbena! Both of our rosemarys made it through! Always happy when that happens. Enjoy the spring weather! xo