Monday, June 13, 2016

Herb Garden Chores-Cutting Chive Blossoms and Other Herbs!

Spent Chive Blossoms Need To Be Cut!
Well, I am going to be blogging sporadically at best.  The weeds have overgrown everything.  The chives which were just starting to bloom when I left; now the majority of them are over.  If you do cut back the spent chive blossoms, you may be rewarded with new blossoms.  Already some of my chives have been trying to produce new ones!  I also cut back both of my salad burnets that had flowered very early because of the unusually warm days here.  So starts the trimming and harvesting in the herb garden.  Maybe a bit early this year but something to look forward to every season.  I also cut some lavender that was ready.  I'll show you that in the next post.  What are you trimming or harvesting in your herb garden?  A very pleasant day here in the 'Burgh.  Hope you are enjoying time in your herb garden.  I will talk to you again soon.  


Anonymous said...

I have had to ignore the chives because of being just too busy...but, the other day I was in a panic to harvest herbs before the rain came. I grabbed baskets full of lovage, lemon balm, stinging nettle and a bit of comfrey. I love to forage, as well as grow in the garden. Do you harvest only what you grow?

Carol said...

I'm trimming an harvesting a lot of mints and lemon balm this week. It's been so ungodly hot and dry here that evenings are the only time I can do anything and a lot of that time has been spent watering the past few days. I need to trim the thyme and savories too and the sages have gone nuts this year. Even one that I thought was dead 2 years ago has come back and going wild. I told the husband I needed a portable air conditioned hut to move around the garden so I could work in comfort :) He thinks I've lost it. LOL

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi Bev, Yes, I pretty much just harvest what I grow and sometimes not even that! It gets overwhelming for me as well! My work space in the basement is a testament to that! There is an art to foraging as in picking the right plants!

Hi Carol, the air conditioned hut sounds great! We have been hot sporadically and getting rain more sporadically than before! My thymes are all just beautiful this year! Lost all of my savories! Don't know what I did wrong!