Thursday, May 30, 2013

St. Paul's and Bea's of Bloomsbury

St. Paul's Cathedral
Thanks to Debs Cook!  It's John Wesley!
A Furry Friend Putting On A Show
Tea and Coffee Menu at Bea's of Bloomsbury
The Afternoon Tea Tray at Bea's
Had to Have Lemon Verbena Tea!
Well, here is the beginning of my trip.  My English Herbal Companion wasn't going to arrive until Sunday so I had to come up with some extras to do.  Easy, peasy!  I decided that I hadn't visited St. Paul's Cathedral since I was first there in 1966!  Very, very inspiring space.  I sat in the domed area for a couple of hours.  It's easy to do.  I even lit three votive candles, one for The Herbal Husband's family, one for my family and one for our friends.  I mention this because my best friend had a diabetic episode after I left and could have died.  So that candle may have helped get her through.

Always interested in afternoon tea in England.  This is a more contemporary take, by a woman from Maryland.  Yes, I came to London to have tea done by an American.  She is known for her cupcakes and they didn't disappoint.  Bea's of Bloomsbury has two locations at the moment and is working on opening a larger place soon.  Very savory sandwiches on mini baguettes and sweet treats, including a delicious cupcake.  Mine because I can't have chocolate was passion fruit with a vanilla cake.  It was delish!  Had a very spirited conversation with a young couple from New Jersey and I told them I wouldn't hold it against them!  They are expecting their first child shortly and I wish them every happiness.  They were on their way to Paris.  One of my favorite places.  He quizzed me on Presidents (because he is a teacher) and I think I did pretty well!  At least he was impressed.  So there you have it.  My first full day in London.  As I'm still getting used to being home, I'll be back with a garden post in the coming days.  Hot and muggy!  Summertime weather in the spring!  Talk to you later.


Rosemary said...

Love the menu! And wow, that cupcake looks huge! Lovely first day in London.

lemonverbenalady said...

I really enjoy a good cupcake and this one was delish! Bea is from Maryland, Rosemary. Not too far from you. Thanks as always for stopping by. xo