Monday, July 22, 2013

Closeup Flowers and Seeds in the Garden!

Bumble Bee on Teasel!
Volunteer Sunflowers are the Best This Season!

The White Feverfew Manages to Sneak into the Coreopsis Photo!

Angelica in Seed!

Spent Butterfly Bush Flower
Really This is Only One Nasturtium Flower!
I have been really trying to practice my closeup shots with my new camera.  In England I wasted a good many shots trying to get the perfect closeup.  It is very irritating!  I think with some advice from our friends in California, I have gotten the hang of it.  Now if I have the patience to do it consistently!  That's the key.  Time is flying by and harvesting time has started.  Yesterday I calculated empty jars and how much Certo I would need to make my jelly for this season.  So I'm ready to start the process.  You can find all of my jelly recipes and the ones that aren't mine as well under the label, Herbal Jelly Recipes.

We somehow still have the ickies and stickies.  Can't seem to shake them.  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you later.


Bernideen said...

Oh - I will check out your recipes. I threw out a ton on hollyhock seed and see nothing. I guess I better do some reading. So much to learn. I had a raccoon in my backyard in the dark and wanted to take a picture. I was frantically trying to find that info in the book - he was long gone of course.

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi Bernideen, Yes, raccoons in the night. Haven't had that one yet, but I know how that goes. The Herbal Husband is saying did you get the shot and all the camera is doing is giving me a blur! Thanks for stopping by, dear. xo