Monday, September 22, 2014

Under Attack at the End of the Season!

The Bite of the Stink Bug Produces More Leaves!
Well, there is good news and bad news!  The bad news the damn stink bug attacked my oldest lemon verbena.  The good news is that it produces new leaves and the bites weren't as significant as before.  We had stink bug problems on the raspberries, apples, grapes and tomatoes.  We were finding them in the nasturtiums because they were in close proximity to the grapes.  No damage to the nasturtiums.  Just orange tattoos on my fingers!

So it has been crazy here as far as raspberry jam goes.  I have made almost 8 boxes or 96 jars of jam!  It is a spectacular year.  I've made 3 boxes of grape jelly.  That is done for the year.  I have yet to do any herbal jelly!  Down in the 40's tonight.  Basil will have to be processed in the coming days!  Although it will be back in the 50's for the next few nights.  If we can get through this one without too much damage, I will be able to some other flavors.  The pineapple sage is starting to blooming as is the Peruvian salvia which is a beautiful flower.  Here it is in bud.
The Flower Bud of the Salvia discolor or Peruvian Sage!
Last Gasp for the German Chamomile!
There are so many herbs to bring inside!  Here we go again!  We can't help ourselves!  Hope you are getting everything done here in the northeast or mid Atlantic.  Talk to you soon!  Oh, happy fall!  One of my favorite seasons!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Oh dear LVL ~ You are such a hardworking lady. How wonderful to have all of those jars of sweetness for the winter months. Hope you will get to make some of your herbal delights.

Love and hugs to you and HH ~ FlowerLady

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi FL! Yes, I'm tired these days but happy that the raspberries are doing so well! Hope you are enjoying some less tropical heat! Maybe not yet! The time will come! Take care! xo

taylorsoutback said...

Your kitchen must smell lovely with all the jelly making - that's alot of grapes! As always happens, we get heavy frosts in early September - enough to put an end to many plants - then it turns warm again with nights in the upper 40's - to low 60's. But the fall colors are wonderful this year and the days are so pleasant to be out cleaning up the beds in preparation for their winter sleep.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi TO, Not too many grapes this year, but more than last year when we had none! I made over 100 jars of grape jelly one year. This year I will have over 100 jars of raspberry jam! We are having gorgeous weather here. It is a wonderful time of year to garden! Thanks as always for coming by! xo