Saturday, October 24, 2015

Liberty's, Geffrye Herb Garden and Afternoon Tea at St. Paul's-London, England Trip 2015!

Blue Skies in London-A Blessing!
My New Favorite Store in London!
Just the Look of the Inside Makes Me Smile!
Not a Scone but a Toasted Tea Cake and Earl Grey Tea.  A Mid-Morning Break!
The Plan of the Geffrye Herb Garden
Lots Still in Bloom in the Herb Garden
The Beautiful Water Fountain
The Knot Garden of Santolina
More Santolina at the Geffrye!
Afternoon Tea at St. Paul's
I usually have my whole trip planned out before I go, reservations for tea, gardens to see, train tickets purchased.  I didn't plan on such fabulous weather.  I was hopeful, but in England you always carry your brolly.  I only had one really dreary day when I was in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

First day I decided to go back to the Liberty department store known for its fabrics particularly.  I just love the Tudor feel of the building.  They already had their Christmas shop set up.  It was very festive.  I also carried on the tradition of having a mid-morning break for a tea cake and tea.  Scones are served later in the day!  Always enjoyable.  I knew that the next place I wanted to see again was the herb garden at the Geffrye Museum of the Home.  If you click the first link in the previous sentence, you will read my previous post about my visit in 2014 to this herb garden.  It is one of my new favorites and when I go back to England again, I will definitely be going back for a visit.  I especially love the intimacy of the herb garden as they were in earlier times, a protected garden.  I just sat and enjoyed the space as much as the last time I was there in May, 2014.

The last stop on the first day of my English holiday was St. Paul's to light a candle or two for my friends who are sick and need some blessings and to have one of my favorite things in England or just about anywhere, afternoon tea.  If you are on a budget and you still want a decent afternoon tea, you should try the restaurant at St. Paul's.  It is a very contemporary space in a very old cathedral and it was enough food that I didn't need to eat dinner that evening.  It's off to Bristol in my next England post.

Sort of a dreary rainy warm day in the garden.  Probably our last warm day until next year.  Cut some chives for freezing and lemon balm for drying.  Will try to catch you up on the garden and what has been going on in my next post.  Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is quite a store! I especially love gazing into your pictures of the herb gardens....I can almost smell the aroma. Thanks for sharing your trip!
Bev from NH

Pat said...

Oh.My.Word.. Liberty of London!! One of my stitching friends went there and brought back a square of William Morris reproduction fabric made by L OF L. Such a fine thread count and the colors are beautiful. Your morning tea looks lovely - and now I have learned scones are for afternoon:-). Maybe if we eat a scone here in the morning it will count as afternoon across the pond?? They are so good.

reclaimed dining table said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your journey! That is an awesome trip!