Favorite Herbal Authors

These are some of my favorite herbal authors in no particular order:

Bertha Reppert  As I have told you before Mrs. Reppert's Twelve Month Herbal is my favorite book, but I also love the scrapbook series.  Oh, any book she has written (and again I have a lot) are good!  The link above will take you to The Rosemary House which she founded in 1969.  It is one of the oldest herb shops in America.

Adelma Grenier Simmons  My favorite book of Adelma's is Herb Gardening in Five Seasons.  The fifth season being Christmas.  She was the grand dame of Caprilands and unfortunately, the farm has closed.  There was a tough legal battle and her husband, Edward Cook, tried to carry on, but was not able to do it.  You can find a list of some of her books at the link above and you can search for them at Bookfinder.

Phyllis Shaudys  She wrote two jammed packed herb books in the 1990's and brought some of my favorite herb businesses together.  I found my favorite jelly recipe here from Renee Shepherd.  There are herb crafts, cooking, herb business information and garden designs.

Marge Clark  She was the herbal cookbook writer who blended time tasted recipes and new herbal recipes.  The link above gives you an overview of her life which was cut short by an automobile accident.  One of my favorite books of Marge's is Christmas Thyme at Oak Hill Farm not only because it puts you in the mood but gives you a wonderful series of meals that you can serve throughout the holidays.

Jim Long  He is one of my favorite herbal authors.  He seems to have a million, zillion recipes and he keeps them coming in a series of books and I have most of them!  He really is a generous author and lets people use his recipes to sell herb mixes and all kinds of herbal products.  His Homemade Crackers Using Herbs is one of my favorites, but they are all jammed packed with great herbal ideas!

Susan Belsinger  She is one of my favorite contemporary herbal authors.  She seems to do it all, herbally speaking.  I love all of her books.  My favorite is one that she co-authored with Tom DeBaggio about Basil An Herb Lover's Guide.  Another favorite because I love to bake is about desserts called not just desserts sweet herbal recipes.