Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to My Herb Garden

I hope you will enjoy the herbal journey that I have led for the past 23 years. I promise to share favorite herbal recipes and tips and hopefully we will learn from each other. I started my herbal experiences when we moved to this house in the late 80's. This particular garden which you see at the beginning of my blog is a fairly new addition in 2003. We needed a new wall behind the garden and the weeds had overtaken the space. We got a glorious rock wall, but so did the chipmunks! It is a challenge every day keeping them from destroying the plants along the rock wall.  I'm also a Penn State Master Gardener Emeritus.  Finally, I garden with my husband and I'm very lucky to have his help. So as we go on this journey together hopefully you learn something new and rekindle your passion for herbs.

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