Monday, August 11, 2008

Preserving the Herbal Harvest-Making Jelly

With the weather turning a little cooler this week, I thought I would write about preserving your herbs for the fall and winter seasons. Several weeks ago, I made some herbal jelly, lemon basil and cinnamon basil. My kitchen was filled with the wonderful smell of basil at its best. Once you steep the herbs in water or other liquids and add the sugar and Certo, your jelly is finished. I'm simplifying the process, but it is very satisfying. People who receive them as gifts have the idea that it is lemon with basil and cinnamon with basil, but it is the plants in both cases. I use Renee Shepherd's recipe for Scented Basil Jellies. You can find it at Renee's Garden and under Renee's Recipes, you will find a recipe for herb jellies. Many people are intimidated by jelly making, but I really enjoy it. I also will be making raspberry jam and grape jelly later this year. Jelly makes a great gift any time of the year and it is one way to preserve your herbal harvest. The picture is my front gate this summer. It has been glorious.

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