Monday, April 30, 2012

A Gift from Miss C!

Because of Earth Day last week, lots of school kids planted trees.  A really good thing.  Miss C gifted us her tree.  I think it is a white pine and they get HUGE!  So The Herbal Husband is trying the bonsai technique of keeping it in a small container and maybe it will stay small?!  Oh well, it is probably hardy enough to stay outside once it gets a little bigger.  OK, one last push for voting me your top gardening blog on  Voting ends at 5:00 PM EST today.  One vote per visitor.  So if you have already voted, thanks for reading my blog and voting.  Need to give you my last list tomorrow, tender perennials.  Got errands to do and so got to try out the new car!  Talk to you later.


Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh gosh hon, i am sorry i missed the voting thing. i have only been online infrequently lately (bees and gardening you know) and am waaaaay behind in your posts! that white pine will get HUGE and no amount of bonsai-ing will escape that fact, I don't think! lol! big hugs and love xoxoxox

lemonverbenalady said...

That's OK CC! I'm one of the top 52 gardening blogs for this college. It's all or nothing for me. I chose not to display my badge! xxoo Nancy