Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Sunday in Brighton, England, July, 2011!

Who Knew It Would be Cold and Windy in Brighton in July!
Every time (Well, maybe not every time) we go to England, The Herbal Husband asks, "Why don't we go to Brighton?"  There has always been a reason not to go.  So in July how can it be bad.  It was cold, windy and rainy!  Typical English summer weather!  The Herbal Husband also has to have ice cream when we go to the beach.  This time it was with a twist.  Although there is no photo to prove it, a seagull swooped down and took a bite out of his ice cream cone!
The Royal Pavilion of King George
The Royal Pavilion was built for the Prince Regent, who later was King George IV.  It is a palace that contains the finest collections of chinoiserie style in Britain.
One of Many Perennial Borders Surrounding the Palace
You know I can always find any herb or two in a garden.  I'm always envious of rosemarys in the right place to grow.
A Happy Rosemary in the Flower Bed!
One of My Favorite Summertime Flowers, Hollyhocks!
Then we hopped on a bus and went out to Preston Manor on the outskirts of Brighton.  It is a very nice manor house that sheltered us when the rains finally came.  What is most special about Preston Manor are the gardens.
Preston Manor

The Walled Garden Entrance
Beautiful Views in the Garden
Another Beautiful Rosemary!
Plants Sheltered from the Wind with the Wall!
A Small Lily Pond  
A Majestic English Oak on the Front Lawn!
Must Have a Cream Tea to Get Warm!
Really had a wonderful day at Brighton even with the windy, rainy weather.  As you can see by the last photo, we enjoyed a cream tea before going back to London!  I think it has finally stopped snowing here.  The plow truck just went by.  So I'll take a photo for you out the basement door!  It is the light fluffy stuff so it should be easy to shovel away!  I'm happy the herb garden has a layer of insulation for the next deep freeze coming this week!  Stay warm out there if you are in the northern part of the US.  Talk to you later! 

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