Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review: Herbs Their Culture and Uses by Rosetta E. Clarkson

The third book written by Mrs. Clarkson
Rosetta Clarkson became an herb junkie after spending time in England becoming familiar with Seven Oaks Herb Farm and Culpeper's.  That was in 1931.  This book was written in the 40's (I have the 1990's version.) after her first two books called Magic Gardens and Green Enchantment were published.  She didn't have an herb business, but she did have a large herb garden that she used for her herbal inspiration.  As I was taking notes, I was practically writing down each sentence.  It does not have glossy, color photos.  What it lacks in photos, it does have very solid information on how to propagate herbs, outdoor plantings, unusual herb plants, the culinary garden, the fragrant herb garden, indoor herb gardening, harvesting and drying, herb dyes, potpourri, herb products, herb vinegars, the uses of herbs in cooking, herb teas and beverages, the marketing of herbs, tabular paragraphs on 101 useful herbs and herb tables.

In a bit of over 200 pages, she jam packs each page with very useful information.  I especially like the last chapter of herb tables where she has 26 (Yes, one for each letter of the alphabet.) tables on various herb subjects, herbs that grow in shade or part shade, herbs for dry places, herbs for moist places, herbs for low edgings, ground cover herbs, etc.  I think you get the idea.  If you are looking for a good basic book on herb gardening, give this one a try.  It is available from and

If you are looking for additional information on artemisia, the 2014 Herb of the Year, check out Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh's post on artemisia and dusty miller. We are a balmy 21 degrees here and the temperature is only going to go up.  Although we are supposed to get snow in between rain and warmer temperatures for the weekend.  Hope you are warmer wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.


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Such a nice article with lots of information

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I love to find new books (even if they are old books!) Thank you now I know what I will use my Amazon gift card for! Happy Herbing! Marcy

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Always happy to spend your money Marcy! Thanks for stopping by! xo