Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Herbal Blooms of Fall!

Not Today, but the Bees Are Still Around Enjoying the Nasturtiums
I Can't Believe How Well The German Chamomile is Doing
Lovely Pineapple Sage Blossom

Calendula Always in Bloom This Time of Year Sometimes until Thanksgiving
The Pink 'Fairy' Rose
Borage is Still Going Strong
'Lemon Gem' Marigolds Are Not Looking Good, but Still Blooming
The 'Peruvian' Sage with its Black Blossoms
Chives Are Still Blooming!
The Herbal Husband commented to me the other day that I use way too many exclamation points!  But I'm happy when I'm talking about my herb gardens!  Oh, well, I will try to be less enthused.  Made another batch of raspberry jam this morning.  Probably one of the last.  132 jars of raspberry jam!  That deserves an exclamation point.  By far and away the best year we have had in raspberry production.  The canes are 'Heritage' variety.  Our friends who introduced us way back when gave them to us and they have been morphing every year.  Oh, got side tracked.  Forgive me.

This time of year, I am looking for anything that is blooming in the garden.  I always think that I never have enough annuals in the garden, but I think you can see by the photos above that we have a lot of annual and perennial blooms in the garden.  I am working in the background trying to get some books read for gift giving ideas.  So stay tuned.  I'm still making herbal jelly.  The weather has been so good that I haven't been too anxious about cutting herbs to make jelly.  Now I'm going to be in a rush soon when the weather goes downhill!  Never a dull herbal moment.  Hope you have had a great day.  Talk to you later.


Carla said...

Hi Nancy,
Looks like you still have lots of goodies growing in the herb garden. Mine is not doing so well, with this drought and high temps this summer, I actually lost two thyme plants. I watered them but can't figure out if they just couldn't stand the prolonged heat or what. I hope you guys have a mild winter this year!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi Carla, We do have goodies still growing but not for too much longer! Sorry about your herbs, particularly the thymes! They don't love our humid warm weather. I thought they would love hot and dry. Maybe not too much hot and dry! Take care, Carla! xo