Thursday, September 10, 2015

Three Lavenders Contained!

Green Fringed French Lavender
'Goodwin Creek' Lavender
Spanish Lavender
Since my lavenders in the ground didn't do well, I resorted to putting them in containers.  These three did just fine and in fact for the most part flourished!  As you may be able to see, the green fringed French lavender (Lavendula dentata) is in my favorite container of lavender for devotion.  That container sadly got a big crack when it fell because The Herbal Husband used it (without my permission) to plant a tomato plant that was way too big.  He has since mended it and all has been forgiven.  Happy to have my container back with the herb it is meant to have in it!

The middle lavender 'Goodwin Creek' (Lavandula x ginginsii) was purchased in the spring at Trader Joe's and it has had an up and down year.  I think just recently The Herbal Husband has been giving it too much water and it started to die back in the center.  He cut the dead bits out and it is coming back from the bottom.  It is a little too big for a windowsill so we will have to come up with an alternative solution in the coming days!  At least have it positioned near the western windowsill.

The third lavender is a Spanish or maybe a French one or maybe even an Italian one (Lavendula stoechas) but no cultivar name that I bought at Lavender Fields Herb Farm in Virginia.  They just put up their schedule for the fall season.  Getting back to the name, in the United States we called it Spanish, in the UK they call it French and in Australia they call it Italian lavender.  Whatever you call it, it is a very cute grayish green bush.  It hasn't flowered yet and I hope it will make it on a windowsill through the winter.

So it has stopped raining heavily.  Our figs have started to ripen finally.  We got the first of the green figs a couple of days ago.  We are going to have to start moving plants inside sooner than later.  Need to start digging plants up and placing them in containers.  I got a question about lemon verbena from a reader about what happens when it comes inside after doing so well outside.  You are doing everything right Penny!  So refer to the Lemon Verbena Fact Sheet on my home page.  Feels like I have neglected my herb garden this season.  Hopefully, I can get some enjoyment with the cooler temperatures coming.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you maybe!  Talk to you later.    


Carol said...

It's been a tough gardening year for lots of folks all this year ....either too wet and Cool or too hot and dry and not a lot of in between. I think I"ll be digging up the new lavender I planted this year as it hasn't done so well with all of the rain we've had. I know it will not over winter outside :( I found another dead Monarch caterpillar outside. The wasp are attacking them at every chance they get I"m bringing everyone I find inside to feed. I'll have caterpillars every where pretty soon :)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi Dear Carol, It has been quite a year. Lavenders grew so easily for me in the herb garden and now not so much. Yours will do OK indoors I'm sure. We have not had many monarchs and you are doing such a stellar job!! Really amazed at what you are doing! xo

Sarah Anderson said...

Good to know I probably watered my lavender too much. I will cut the dead stuff back and hope for the best. I am waiting for it to bloom so I can make use of it.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi Sarah, yes, it is a fine line between under and over watering and the plant is the barometer of what happens. Also get a finger into the soil down to the second knuckle if possible. Hope my tips keep your plants going. xo

Bernideen said...

You just remimded me - I think I will dig up the Rosemary in the garden as it is going to die in the winter cold. Thanks!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

There is always something we forget, Bernideen! Glad we could remind you! xo