Sunday, May 8, 2016

Forgot I Was Supposed to Start Blogging!

Finished Cross Stitch for The Herbal Husband
Front Facade with New Windows!
Two Windows in the Front of the Living Room!
Two Back Windows in the Living Room!
And The View Out of the Back Window of the Living Room!
Sorry I have been very preoccupied with this windows project.  We started in February with the waterfall in the front living room window and we just finished last Friday getting the living room and dining room windows replaced!  We have moved our collections around four times!  I had forgotten what true exhaustion feels like!  We are slowly getting boxes unpacked and I was hoping to move things around a bit!  The Herbal Husband wants it just like it was!  After 27 years of living here, we had/have a lot of stuff!  My house has never been this clean!  Even when we moved in.  I guess that is a good thing!  A couple of readers have asked about growing peppercorns and I am still going to do that post. Hopefully this week.  Oh, and that top photo is of the finished framed cross-stitch to celebrate the 24th year of The Herbal Husband's becoming a US citizen!

Also I had a request from a reader who owns an herb farm in Connecticut to highlight her business.  So here you go Pat Bramley who owns Buck Mountain Herbs.  Hopefully some day I will get up to see her operations.  She had seen my lists that I did for Mother Earth Living and wanted to be added.  If there are others who would like a mention here, I would be glad to do it!  I just can't add your business to the list on Mother Earth Living!  It has been a beautiful day here in the 'Burgh! We have been indoors unpacking!  Hope you have enjoyed the day wherever you may be!  Talk to you later this week!


Carol said...

Your new windows do look nice. I miss the vintage appeal of your old windows but I understand the need for replacing them :) As for blogging I'm getting bad about it too. I mean I post almost every week as I'm involved with a couple of groups. Those are not like the old post where I just wrote about whatever was on my mind or in my garden that day. Plus I've gotten away from visiting my favorite blogs on a regular bases.
i miss that ♥ So here's to both of us getting it together with our blogging lives !!!!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Yes Carol, I just have so much going on and I need to be out in the garden and then blogging on top of everything else! I need to get around to my favorite blogs, but others have stopped blogging regularly too! It is all a balance, isn't it? xo