Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Angelica Rising and Dust Too!

A Hedge of Angelica!
I just love big herbs that take up space and look good at the same time!  Angelica is one of my favorites in that category.  And this year they are going to be spectacular, herbally speaking!  They have stood up very well to the colder nights we have been having.  I keep saying this but I think we have turned the corner and I don't think we are going to have another frost night until the fall.  Fingers crossed!

One of my early posts when I started to blog was called The Year of Angelica.  Click on the link and find a recipe for crystallized angelica from one of my favorite herbal authors, Bertha Reppert.  Here is an additional link in 2010 talking about the sweet smell of the Angelica blossoms called The Sweet Smell of Angelica!   I also talked about purple angelica or Korean angelica (Angelica gigas) and here is a link to that post called Purple Angelica again from early in my blogging lifeYou can find it in the Well Sweep Herb Farm catalog.  I am definitely going to get another one or two.  They are really a very pretty plant.  Is there a particular big herb in your herb garden that you look forward to seeing every spring?  Please tell me about it. 

Still moving boxes and dust around!  By the end of next week, we will be done with the windows project.  Just exhausted by the whole thing!  The Herbal Husband keeps saying we have enough boxed up, we could just move!  He loves to kid around, but this has made us think about lessening the extra clutter.  We will see how that moves forward.  We are expecting rain later.  Hope you are having a great day.  Back to moving that dust.  Oh before I go, Linda G. has asked that I write a post on growing peppercorns and since capsicum is the 2016 herb of the year, I guess I need to start talking about it!


Carol said...

I need to plant some Angelica. I had it at our old place but the husband hated it getting so big and he didn't like the smell so I didn't bring any with. Why has it taken me 14 years to realize I have lots of space on this 3 acre lot that it can be planted somewhere that it won't bother him ....DA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! You snuck right by me! I had been getting used to not checking your blog because I knew you were taking a well deserved break.....and today I find that I had to back-track a few blogs to get caught up!!
I am also interested in a "growing peppercorns" article---I wonder if it would be possible in my zone 4, though.
And, here is a big question for you. How did the cross-stitch project come out? Perfect, I hope!
Glad to see you and your blog back--

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Yes, angelica is a big babe herb, Carol! You should grow it again!

Hi Bev, yes I really do come and go quite quickly these days. Hopefully, I will get my rhythm back!