Monday, July 11, 2016

More Submissions for the Lost Ladybug Project!

As I have told you in the past, I am a contributor to the Lost Ladybug Project spearheaded by Cornell University.  Here is a link to my page of photos of ladybugs I have submitted over the years.  The native ladybugs are disappearing.  They were once common and now they are rare.  The Lost Ladybug Project's mission is trying to track whatever species you can find and plot out where they are and to try and keep the native ladybug from coming even more rare than it already is.

I was excited on my latest trip to England that I found two different ladybugs than we see here in the Pittsburgh area.  I have submitted my findings to the LLP and hopefully next week or so, I will have some results.  The first was found in the kitchen garden of Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, England on some lemon balm.  The second photo was taken at Fenton House, Hampstead, London, England on some mugwort.  The third photo was taken this morning in our garden in the raspberry patch while The Herbal Husband was watering.  He spotted the ladybug laying eggs on the underside of the leaf.  Of course, I was out doing errands and he didn't have his camera on him and no, he doesn't have a smartphone!  So when I came back he told me what happened and I went back and got a good shot of the eggs.  Need to remember to ask him spots or no spots on the ladybug.
The Hampton Court Palace Ladybug--Propylea quatuordecimpunctata
The Fenton House Ladybug--Harmonia axyridis
The Local Ladybug Eggs
So please stay tuned and I hope to have an update shortly for you.  It is a beautiful sunny day here in the 'Burgh with low humidity.  Hope you have had a fabulous day.  More tomorrow!


janice15 said...

So lady bugs make a cluster of eggs I have several that are residing on my tomatoe plant and i saw other bugs which I believe they eat. The article that I read said be careful not to smash there eyes when Im smashing the other bugs. I saw thse one things, but maybe they are the bug eggs because these were a single lite brown item. O hello, by the way lol.. Wishing you a lovely evening with love Janice

Carol said...

Yesterday was much warmer and more humid here but I did spend several hours outside in the morning. The only lady bugs I see here anymore are those biting orange oriental ones :( Not even sure if they are a tru lady bug but they are truly bothersome.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

There must be a website for photos of insects eggs Janice. We seem to attract them which I guess there enough problems for them to stay around! :>} Thanks for stopping by. Stop by again! Always here to answer your questions about herbs particularly! xo

They are an introduced species Carol! We have them everywhere in this garden! I don't like the ickies and stickies either. You get them much worse than we do, but it looks like we are going to be close to 100 degrees by the end of the week! No gardening for me if that happens! xo