Sunday, January 31, 2016

Continuing the Herbal Hiatus!

In the Home Stretch!
I had hoped by the end of January that I would have The Herbal Husband's citizenship sampler done!  I am almost there!  The photo shows my progress to last night.  Once the border is done, I only have to outline the capitol and I will be done after 24 years and it can be framed.  This project was much bigger than it needed to be and through trial and error, we have made it simpler.  The chart was the size of a poster!  It was HUGE!  I have pleased The Herbal Husband and he really has asked every day "How is it progressing?"  It will be a big relief to have it done.  I really have discovered my love for my stitching again so much so that I have joined The Embroiderers' Guild of America as a member at large.

But just when you think, oh no, she's gone to the other side, I touch a scented geranium or my 'Clevelandii' sage that are perched on the windowsills and I can't give up my love of herbs entirely!  We have had a bunch of herbal casualties this season.  Whether from low light or too much water, we have lost a couple or three lavenders in pots and some of my favorite scented geraniums have gone to the great herbal beyond!  We get a bit carried away when we bring herbs in.  Don't we all?
The 'Clevelandii' Sage is Doing Great!
I think I said to a friend that as much as I enjoyed blogging every day in December.  On the flip side I have enjoyed not blogging at all in January.  I feel as though I need to continue the herbal hiatus into February and maybe March!  I have decided to reemerge not unlike the groundhog in April.  So you will see me again for sure blogging in this spot on April 1 and that's no joke.  Again, I may pop up from time to time, but maybe not!  Oh, BTW, the weather has been very spring like the last few days.  We survived the snowstorm of two weeks ago with about 5 inches or was that last week?  Today it will be almost 60 degrees in the herb garden!   So enjoy this nice sunny day if you are in the 'Burgh'!  The Herbal Husband and I are going to take a walk!  Talk to you again soon!
Been an Unusual Winter!