Thursday, September 7, 2017

Not Quite My Herb Garden Anymore!

When we planned our 30 year celebration earlier this year, I knew that the herb garden was not going to be tended for over three weeks.  I had to let the garden go and just hope we got enough rain and sun.

On the other hand, The Herbal Husband does a lot of the planting for me.    And he has decided to move plants in that I would not have ordinarily planted.  Other plants are volunteers.  Looking at the garden this morning, I was sort of depressed.  I just can't embrace it as my garden anymore.  I think it might need a Bobcat!  A new blog called The Herbal Husband's Herb Garden maybe?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Been Celebrating 30 Years Early!

You may have wondered about me and my blogging.  Well, The Herbal Husband and I took advantage of having friends to visit in Europe and spent 24 wonderful days in The Netherlands, England and France celebrating (early) 30 years of marriage.  That's how my August flew by!  So here are a few view of our trip and hopefully I will be inspired to blog a bit more later.

Pride Week In Amsterdam!
The Harbor in Monnickendam, The Netherlands
A Scone Sandwich!

The Geffrye Herb Garden!

Afternoon Tea at the Claridges!

Strawberry Soup Celebration!

A Parisian Vertical Garden!
A Laundry Cart
And an Elevator!
I have so many photos to go through.  I still have my trip in 2016 to finish!  I am way way behind!  Hopefully you will hear from me soon.  Yet I still have joy in my stitching.  Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans.  Talk to you later.