Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Got to Finish the Vancouver Trip First-Butchart Gardens!

Iconic Photo of Butchart Gardens!
The Bulbs Were in All Their Glory!
It Couldn't Have Been Better Weather!
The Fountain Was Giving Us a Show!
The Blue Poppies Were Cooperating!
The Cove Where You Can Take a Boat Ride!
The Mediterranean Garden
I need to finish the May trip before I can tell you about the European trip!  Last time I was at Butchart Gardens, I was in the ER, infected ears and a sinus infection!  My herbal companion, Bonnie and I were on a fantastic trip with The Gardener Magazine!  The people at Butchart couldn't have been nicer even gave me a video tape (Yes, that's how long ago it was!)  So this time we had the full experience.  As you can see it was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the gardens.  Although they were taking out the blooming bulbs to replace them with summer annuals.  It was breaking the Herbal Husband's heart.  I said to him, "Sweetie, you could never work here!"  They would tell him his task for the day was removing blooming bulbs and he would just try to move them to another spot!  He would get fired the first day!  We even got to see the blue poppies in bloom.  Have tried to grow them, but we don't have the right conditions in western Pennsylvania.  I probably could be blogging twice a day at the moment.  So much going on.  I'll work on downloading the photos and get started with the adventures later this week.


Becca's Dirt said...

I was just catching up. Your gardens did fine while you were away. Can't wait to hear about Europe. That's funny about the Herbal Husband. He'd be fired the first day - LOL.

taylorsoutback said...

Loved seeing your photos of Butchart - we were there in August (2007) and the roses were putting on a spectacular show.
Glad you were feeling so much better this time around...there is just too much to take in.

Have been thinking I might try blue poppies next year - I heard they need a summer of temperatures averaging below 80. This summer would not have worked!! Know you are busy settling in, but hope you can visit soon - have been doing my own nearby garden tour in Wisconsin.

Tufa Girl said...

Those are beautiful gardens. As a fellow sinus sufferer I feel your pain. Nothing like being on a trip with a head about to explode. Must drink more water, but how many bathroom breaks can you make your fellow travelers take? (Someday I should seek an indoor job.)

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by as always.