Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Doors of the 'Burgh!

Finally, we got the doors finished on Friday.  The top photo are the back door and garage door and the bottom photo is the front door.  We have both gotten locked out of that door already.  As I mentioned I don't have to give it a hip check to get it close.  It is also easy to get locked out!  We do have a key pad on the garage door so as long as we remember the code!  Ha!  We're OK!  The front door window lets so much more light in.  It is the north side of the house so it is good to let the light in in winter.  I have a special door knocker that I was hoping to get on the front door.  The installer said because it is a steel door, he would void the warranty by drilling holes in it!  Yikes!  I guess it's sticky tape to the rescue!  Hopefully I'll show you that part of the project soon. One more thing about the doors especially in the front.  Since it is now back to white, if the ivy takes over, we will know where to get in the house! Sorry I have been a no show.  The Herbal Husband has me on a strict schedule of movies!  Need to start those giveaways!  So stay tuned!  Talk to you later.


Terra said...

Your new doors look fabulous. We recently got a new front door and it has a semicircle window at the top. Like you said it lets in a lot more light and in our case, it stops air from leaking in and out, so it save energy.

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks Terra! You are right about the energy savings! Thanks for stopping by!