Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Word, Brrrrr!

I'm going to heat up a cup of ginger tea and start working on some different tea blends.  I think I said that about ten posts ago!  I'm easily distracted.  We did have a snow event yesterday.  It didn't produce a lot of snow, but just enough whiteouts that it reminded me of New England snows.  It was good to be inside.  I just ran out long enough to take a new banner photo.  So I will get busy here and share things as I come up with them.  I also have to get busy on a new scheme for my herb garden.  Same excuses, garlic chives, ornamental grasses and the garden has just run amok because I wasn't around enough last summer.  Oh, I have to share some more adventures with you as well.  Lots to talk about.   Hope you are staying warm or cool wherever you may.  Talk to you later.


Carol said...'s cold here too. We didn't get any snow...yet...supposed to Monday night. But the winter temps are definitely here.
Funny you should mention mixing up tea... I just fixed myself a cup of tea from the fantastic give away of your that I was ultra belled to win!!!! I love the tea!!!
We made the soup the other night and it was to die for. We had it for two nights and I took it to work for two days...still had some left so I froze it to enjoy later this winter :0) My husband says if I cook like that every day I can quite my job.....of course he knew he was safe cause I really didn't have the recipe :0) Thanks again so much for all of the wonderful yummy gifts you included.

Carol said...

I really should proof read before I hit post :0(

Tufa Girl said...

Just got a dusting of snow this evening. Makes me cold to the bone. Need to stock up on hot tea fixings.

Carol said...

I have the bestest hot tea blend in the world!!!! :0)

lemonverbenalady said...

So glad you are enjoying everything in the basket. We can work on refills for you when you need them! Stay warm and toasty, Carol!

Sorry you're getting snow TG! Reminds me of the Super Bowl a year ago! Stay warm.