Monday, September 24, 2012

A Visit to Succop Conservancy!

The 170 Year Old Succop Estate Main House

A Small Courtyard to Enjoy

Alice Who Tends The Herb Garden

An Outbuilding Near the Herb Garden

A Beautiful Lemon Verbena in Bloom!

More of the Herb Garden

The Basil was Large, Unprotected and Doing Well, but Maybe Not for Long!
Afternoon Tea Especially for Our Group.
Succop Conservancy is an estate in Butler County just north of where I live.  It is owned by the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania.  It is the latest reserve to be added as a cultural and environmental education center.  It's main attraction at the moment is a wonderful place for weddings and receptions.  It has a lot of walking trails, two ponds and a small herb garden which is lovingly tended by a Penn State Master Gardener from Butler County.  She does a great job!  I went for a visit last week with my friends from Piccadilly Herb Club.  It was a very nice time which included a special afternoon tea just for us.  It is a beautiful day here in the 'Burgh.  Got to go out and get ready for the new furnace tomorrow.  Talk to you later.

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