Friday, September 21, 2012

It's All in the Details at Chanticleer!

The Rooster the Symbol of Chanticleer

The Estate at Chanticleer

Stunning Combinations of Plants Along the Pathways
Teacup Fountain in the Teacup Garden
Yes, Banana Trees!

Intimate Benches to Enjoy the Gardens

Groups of Seating Around the Main House
Tennis Court Garden
Seating Area in the Tennis Court Garden

A Favorite Sunflower in the Cut-Flower and Vegetable Garden
Pumpkin Bench in the Cut-Flower and Vegetable Garden

A Big Celosia!
Entrance to the Cut-Flower and Vegetable Garden
Well, I'm still at Chanticleer because there are so many great views of this wonderful garden.  Chanticleer was built as a summer home for the Rosengarten family.  They were in the pharmaceutical business which become part of Merck in the 1920's.  The house and grounds were left to the public after Mr. Rosengarten's death in 1990.  The gardens were open to the public in 1993.  While there isn't an herb garden separate from other gardens, there are herbs placed in various locations all over the grounds.  If you use the link I have given you above, you can go to the individual gardens and look at the plants lists with some photos and get an idea of what was blooming in the 2012 Chanticleer Gardens.  It is an amazing garden and truly and pleasure to visit.  I have been trying to get jelly made.  Will post when I can.  Beautiful weather here at the moment but the rain is supposed to come in later this afternoon and tonight.  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you later.


Barbara said...

Your photos are gorgeous and now I have to add Chanticleer to my list of places to visit!!

Carol said...

Such beautiful gardens!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Busy Busy here too trying to get all of these apples taken care of :0)

FlowerLady said...

What wonderful gardens at Chanticleer.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy jelly making ~ FlowerLady

Patricia Taylor said...

Wonderful pictures - thank you so much for sharing...looks like you had a beautiful visit. Love the look of that sweet bench tucked into a quiet corner. We all should remember to stop and sit a while just to take everything in.
A lovely post, LVL!

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks ladies. Hope some of you can come to Pennsylvania for a visit some day soon! xxoo Nancy

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, so much to see, and I like the quirky features, like the teacup fountain and the pumpkin bench.

Rosemary said...

Beautiful! Of course, the tea cup fountain caught my eye!