Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Did I Mention?

We are growing small melons.  I suppose if we had a longer season, they would grow bigger. Duh!  We even have a vine of them growing in the rose bush in my herb garden.  I'll post a photo of them later.  They are working on the new furnace.  Always something.

We are getting down to the nitty gritty now.  There is a lot of positioning going on.  We were making a mental list of the plants that are coming in the other day.  I was hoping to experiment with an 'Arp' rosemary and leave it outside for the winter, but quicker than you can say Herbal Husband, he dug it up and brought it in.  I know what he is up to.  He is trying to bring in all of the tender herbs so I don't have any to buy next year.  I have lived with him a long time and he doesn't fool me.  He also said to me yesterday that he is going to grow less vegetables and I can grow more herbs or what I want to grow!  I'm not going to scream yippee, because as sure as I do, he will take it back!  You who have husbands know the drill.  Hope you are having a great day or evening wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Write down what he said quickly, and make him sign it, lol.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I KNOW the drill!!!!

Honey, I will BE SO HAPPY to see you at my book thing in Cincinnati. We'll go to dinner!



Barbara said...

I, too, know the drill!!!!
I finally got a rosemary to winter over! I planted it on the south corner of my foundation, nestled next to 2 walls, facing south. It has lived there for about 5 years.

lemonverbenalady said...

I think I'm too late for that, Tracey! LOL!

Yes, Bonnie and I are looking forward to seeing you and Jeff in Cincinnati! xxoo Nancy

I would love to try that Barbara, but sadly it won't happen this year!

Thanks ladies for stopping by!

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

My husband hated mowing the grass so when I said, can I have another garden over here, he would till it up. He knew weeding was my problem so ever patch that was not grass was off his list. There is always some plan behind action with a husband! Loved those recipes you put up on Herb Companion! Thanks Marcy

lemonverbenalady said...

Well, you inspired me with your recipes, Marcy! Thanks.