Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Visit to the Royal Needlework School and Train to Great Malvern, England!

The Impressive Hampton Court Palace!
Door Detail is Superb!
Some of the Roses Were In Bloom in early May!
Loved the Color of this Rose!
The Very Long Perennial Borders at Hampton Court!
The Alice in Wonderland Trees!
Having said goodbye to my friend, Ros on Friday, Saturday was a day to see the sampler exhibit at the Royal Needlework School at Hampton Court Palace.  Got the train from Waterloo station.  Always enjoy being at Hampton Court Palace.  The gardens and grounds are meticulously kept.  The school is in tight quarters, but it is always fun to see what they are working on.  I was thoroughly entranced by the blackwork samplers.  Oh, no, other projects to do!  Still have to get the citizenship sampler done for you know who!  Always something going on!  Must stay and see the Palace next time I'm there!

When I got to the train station for a train back to Waterloo, the signals were down!  Fortunately I got a free taxi to an active station and I got a train to Clapham Junction which got me to Victoria Station.  The Herbal Husband had given me extra time in case I needed it and this was the time!  I got to Paddington later that afternoon for a train to Great Malvern for the RHS Malvern Spring Festival with Debs and Simon Cook.  Had never been to Great Malvern and was not disappointed!  I'll share my adventures soon.  

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