Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Day at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, Richmond, England, Part One!

A Vibrant Shop Area Near Kew!
This Peacock Welcomed Us to Kew!
Kew Has Both the Classical and Modern!
Either a Camellia or Tree Peony!
The Planes Are a Constant!
Gorgeous Mature Trees!
The Marianne North Gallery!
Beautiful Spring Colors and Ancient Arches!
Always Time for a Scone and Tea!
More Wildlife, a Badger Sett!
The Japanese Garden!
The Zen Garden!
My Little Friend Was Sure I Had a Treat For Him!
Some Roses Were in Bloom!
Well, we had over an inch of rain last night in our garden here, so I get a break!  Sorry I haven't been blogging, but I have been spending as much time in the garden and by the time I come in it is time for dinner and sleep!  I really want to get my posts of my England trip done in a timely fashion this time.  So Gloria, my English/Spanish Travel Companion and I spent Wednesday at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in Richmond, England.  Just a simple Tube ride and walk to the gardens.  Richmond is a beautiful suburb of London.

We spent the morning dodging the raindrops but there are lots of indoor places to do, like having scones and tea, seeing the botanical drawings and the Marianne North Gallery.  Marianne North was truly a remarkable woman and you get to see the 833 paintings she did over her lifetime.  It is an amazing collection.  We didn't get to spend as much time in this gallery because there were drama students practicing for a production about Kew.  We walked to the Japanese Landscape and always found more wildlife to enjoy!  As always there are beautiful flowers and trees!  There is so much to show you at Kew that I'm going to be doing Part Two and maybe Part Three!

Hope you are having a great day.  We are going to see Belle later today.  Talk to you later.


Carol said...

A truly beautiful vacation place. Thanks so much for sharing and giving a glimpse of England and it's gardens. I doubt I'll ever get to see it in person so I really enjoy your visits.

Pat said...

Enjoying your English posts! The Japanese garden has such a sense of order about it and yet still brings out that pop of color. Living in the Badger State would make me feel right at home seeing that little hidey hole.
Things are growing well here in the northwoods but we could use a bit more rain. It was in the low 40's last night and a high of 70 today....could handle this for 11 more months.
Happy gardening!!!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks Carol! We had a great time! I'm glad you can get to see a bit of it through my eyes! xo

We have your rain TO! Almost three inches in three days! We are soggy here! :( Glad you are enjoying my England trip! xo

Thanks ladies for stopping by! xo