Monday, June 23, 2014

Little Herbal Miracles in the Herb Garden!

I Think This is an African Blue Basil!
This is a Tangerine Sage!
A German Chamomile Among the Arugulas!
Well, maybe you heard me hollering from the herb garden in the past couple of days.  We have been finding little herbal miracles from the disaster of a winter we had.  The most exciting one for me is the tangerine sage!  The little darling from last year's herb garden seeded itself with one plant, but I'll take it!  The African Blue Basil has yet to give off a fragrance so the herbal jury is still out on it.  This morning I spied this sweet little German chamomile where the big one was last year!  It is very exciting, herbally speaking!  Makes me smile!

We have the ickies and stickies back again.  It's errand day and then rain is coming back.  What else is new?  Hope you are having a great day!  Talk to you later.

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