Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just Enjoying Blue Sky and the Herb Garden!

Just Bask in That Blue Sky!
The Herb Garden is Really Beautiful with Sun!
It must be the holiday season, the kitchen faucet has a drip of epic proportions and The Herbal Husband is determined to fix it!  A man on a mission.  It has always been an adventure with him!  I will do my best to blog every day, but if I miss one, don't worry, I will try to make it up later on in the month.  As I sit here writing, it has already started to cloud up!

So enjoy the one day in Pittsburgh that has a blue sky!  Maybe we will have one more, but not many more until we get into early next year.  We are slowly creeping towards winter.  It will be cold and snow showers the next few days.  Nothing like the upper Midwest, but still a jolt to the senses!

The herbal elves have been busy getting your box ready.  I will be posting a photo of all the parts before it is sent next week.  I think if you are the winner, you will be pleased with the choices.  You must only comment on the giveaway post to be entered.  I will put a link at the top of my homepage on the right hand side for your convenience.  Remember only one entry will be counted to give everyone a fair chance.  Hope you are having a sunny day wherever you may be!  Will talk to you tomorrow!

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Carol said...

I remember when I blogged every day. It seemed so easy then.... now it seems like a hard job. I often wonder what changed that makes it feel that way.