Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Blogging for The Herb Companion Magazine!

There is a wonderful botanical garden at the beach!  So if you are like me and can't be on the beach all day, there is hope for you too!  So here is the post from my latest guest blogging for The Herb Companion magazine concentrating on herbs.  The garden is right across the street from the Miami Beach Convention Center.  It is a city block, but there are lots of different spaces and varied plants.  Here are some different looks!   Water is a necessary element and it was 90 degrees on the day we visited!  They have a small Japanese inspired garden.  The cactus from the Southwest reminded me our anniversary trip last year.  The final two pictures are of an orchid wall behind a small stage where they hold special events.  If you ever get the chance to go to Miami Beach, check out the Miami Beach Botanical Garden!

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