Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Blooms of the Season!

Can't believe I'm sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt in November.  Last year was also a great day and I even made a small herbal bouquet for the table.  I still haven't gotten up in our attic for my winter clothes.  Glad the semi-warm weather has hung on!  Working on the laundry as well.

I mentioned the nasturtiums hanging on the retaining wall, so the first flower is a nasturtium.  I had it in my salad last night.  Of course, next is the 'Fairy' rose.  I went back this morning and it is still hanging in, but I think it is about done.  The tansy bloom (TANSY IS NOT AN EDIBLE FLOWER) is next and I fondly remember all of the ladybug activity this year.  It was exciting!  Last but not least is the mighty calendula.  I have them everywhere now and they are a great fall bloomer.  So I think will go out and make an herbal bouquet for the table!  Talk to you later! 

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