Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taking An Herbal Timeout!

Now that I have finished my flowers, The Herbal Husband and I are going to take a short break from blogging.  We will be back in a flash.  So talk amongst yourselves and enjoy my favorite blogs in my sidebar.


comfrey cottages said...

have fun!

Laura of Wildenblue Farm said...

Good morning! I choose you to be one of six blogs to pass along the Friendship Award to. I received it from Janet of Meatless Mama, and would like you to have it too! You can copy and paste the award from my blog for your use. I love your blog! xox ~Laura

Julie said...

Cute heart. Did you make it? It looks like you're still having a lot of garden fun. Ours is rounding up for the season. In fact I probably am going to pull out all my flowers (boo hoo). There's always next year and it's good to have a break to do other things that have been neglected during the growing season.

lemonverbenalady said...

Thanks Leslie, we did have fun! Always an adventure with The Herbal Husband!

Thanks Laura for the award! I love your blog as well! Still have to get my list together.

Julie, I did not make the heart. Not really an artist as you are! We came back from Florida to leaves on the ground, but flowers still blooming. Check out my post today! I always need a break from the garden, a break from answering the phones at the extension office, recharge those batteries. Thanks so much for stopping by!