Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Grew Safflower This Year!

It Really is a Pretty Flower

Here Are the Seeds of the Safflower

Exciting to Know the Cardinals Will Enjoy the Safflower Seeds
Sometimes my garden photos get buried in my trip photos.  Here before I left for Cincinnati we harvested some safflower seeds that The Herbal Husband left grow around the bird feeder.  I think the cardinals do a great job eating through all of the safflower that we give them.  I guess the sparrows are knocking the safflower off the sunflower feeder and they are growing though.  Well, we still have to buy a bag of safflower, but it will be fun to feed them with some seeds we grew ourselves.  I'm going to have a post that you will want to hang around for tomorrow.  Let's just say it will be about birds and books and a giveaway for U.S. readers.  It was a glorious day here and we have one more before it turns cold.  Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Definitely good to know some of the seeds are home grown.

taylorsoutback said...

We have the cold this morning - and some large snowflakes which are really quite lovely right now - ask me what I think come February though ❄
Our birds have mostly gone to warmer states - we did have a happy group of cedar waxwings visit for a few days. They kept swooping around our roofing crew which made us alittle nervous....

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes it is, Tracey. They are fun and easy to grow.

Yes, I know, TO. I still like snow because I don't have to work any more. Our blue jays are here all year around and the chickadees and tufted titmouses are going to be more prevalent. Oh, the cedar waxwings used to love the crabapple where I grew up. One day it had fruit and the next day it was gone! Thanks to both of you for stopping by. xxoo Nancy