Monday, November 12, 2012

My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder! A Giveaway for US Readers!

An ID Book for Kids Young and Old and Feeder Too!

A Bonus of a Book Plate Signed by Sharon Lovejoy!
When we went to Cincinnati to catch up with Sharon Lovejoy and her phone man, I bought her new book for the young bird watchers in your life.  Here is the description from Amazon.
 A great way to introduce kids to nature and the joys of bird-watching, My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder combines a full-color illustrated field guide and activity book with a custom-designed, sky blue window feeder.

Sharon Lovejoy, author of Toad Cottages and Shooting Stars, Sunflower Houses, and other uplifting nature and gardening titles, brings her expertise and artistic sensibility to this joyous guide to 34 backyard birds, from the zippy Ruby-throated Hummingbird to the clever Chickadee, who grows extra brain cells during the winter to help remember hidden stashes of food. Lively text delves into each bird’s diet, behavior, range, nests, habitat, and calls; the watercolor illustrations are expressive and meticulously detailed. Additionally, readers will learn how to create a bird journal and whip up a batch of bird food.

The feeder is generous, shaped like a house, fully open in the front for the birds, and with side windows and a porthole for the viewer. The roof protects the feed, and the bottom lip folds open for easy cleaning. Two suction cups hold the feeder to a window.
I just love Sharon's illustrations and she knows a thing about nature and birds.  It will give the young children in your life a starting place to get them outside and understanding nature.  I spent all of the time when I was young outside.  This book will give them the perfect start to learning about birds and loving them.  It is also National Young Readers' Week!  A perfect time for a giveaway!

This giveaway is for US readers only.  I'm working on another giveaway for everyone soon.  This giveaway will end next Monday, November 19, 2012 at 10 AM EST.  Please if you are not a blogger, give me some contact information.  If you don't, your entry will not be accepted.  Hope you are the winner.  You can also enter on my Facebook Page, Nancy Heraud.  Our temperatures are going downhill this afternoon.  Hope you are having a great day.  Talk to you later.


Terra said...

Oh Sharon, what a great giveaway. I know just the children to give this to if I win, our niece and nephew. We love feeding and watching birds in our garden.

Faith said...

As of late I've been interested in birds of our area, my new job has introduced me to some, and my interest is peaked. This is a lovely giveaway. Thank you for including me in the giveaway...

Sharon Calvert said...

I'm Sharon also (!) but not a blogger, and unfamiliar with the ways of these comment venues. So, if you are unable to access my 'address,' I will understand. My granddaughter will be seven in December and loves birds and butterflies ... says when she grows up, she wants to: (1) live on a farm, (2) be an 'animal doctor' so she can help them; and (3) be an artist! She would be thrilled to receive your generous gift. Thanks, from Alabama

taylorsoutback said...

Dear Nancy - what a lovely thing you are doing! We have special neighbors with 4 children who would treasure this. The family has gone through some tough times like so many & this would really bring a bright spot to them!

But whoever does win, Sharon's talent will find new fans!!

Carol said...

I so want this book for the grandkids!!!