Monday, September 30, 2013

Be Careful When You Hear That Word Redesign!

This Section "Redesigned" in Healthier Times!
"Redesigned" by The Herbal Husband and Some Wildlife!
It used to be that I was always happy to hear the word "redesign" coming out of the mouth of The Herbal Husband.  Now not so much.  It means that his exuberance for propagating is coming into my herb garden!  He has gone crazy lately for peppers!  In the second photo, the peppers surrounded the cinnamon basil.   OK, because now the cinnamon basil is done for the year.  Ah, but wait!  Now I have deer in my herb garden taking the tops off the pepper plants.  Thank God, they don't eat other herbs!  So be wary when the word "redesign" is used in a sentence with a fellow gardener who happens to be your Herbal Husband!

Hope you are having a great day.  It is typically cloudy in the 'Burgh day.  We have had a string of glorious days in a row.  Had to throw a typical day in the mix.   Talk to you later.


Carol said...

At least when your hubby redesigns it involves living plants....whenever mine gets involved it usually means he got carried away with the weed whacker or lawn mower.

Cottage Tails said...

Oh dear I'm not sure I'd be too thrilled if my husband started planting in my herb gardens. Karma has hit with the deer visiting he he he
Love Leanne

lemonverbenalady said...

Yes, that's true, Carol! I guess I should be more thankful!:)

Yes, dear Leanne, that's why I'm always a bit leery these days when redesign is thrown around!

Thanks ladies for stopping by! xo

Anonymous said...

I suppose I am lucky in that I am the only one interested in the garden. I do get 'suggestions' that I happily ignore, or adapt to suit me! I have to keep my non-herbal husband sweet though, as I need him for the heavy work.

Pammy said...

Yes, the redesigning saga is making me a bit ....nutty here? LOL The changes usually turn out well..but talking about moving 3 of my guava trees that would probably make fruit next year if left alone. sigh...

lemonverbenalady said...

Always good tactics, Tracey and I understand completely.

Pammy, I feel your pain. We moved a white rugosa rose three times and finally it could start to bloom! They say patience is a virtue, but some days it is just more than you can take.

Thanks ladies for stopping by. xo