Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Stuffed Pepper Time and Other Gardening Thoughts!

I have come to realize that The Herbal Husband enjoys growing peppers.  Different kinds, colors, etc.  Here is this year's version of stuffed peppers.  I gave up eating this recipe because of the tomato sauce, but it is just so tasty that I'm back to eating it again.  I'll take another pill if I need it.  There were a couple of oranges ones and three green ones.  He has been busy.  I will take a photo of all of the different varieties.  It is a dizzying collection.  And I get to take care of it when he goes to Peru in November.  Didn't we donate plants to the Aviary?  Somehow we have babies of some of the plants we donated!  I'm throwing my hands up and giving up!

We are definitely chilly here!  The rain blew through this morning and we were 80 something yesterday and we are going to struggle to get to 60 today!  Ah, it's fall.  Hope you are having a wonderful day.  Talk to you later.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Boy, we're on the same wave length. I bought green peppers today with the idea to make them stuffed. Yours look delicious!

Still warm and humid down here. :-(

Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

lemonverbenalady said...

They are the perfect single serving, aren't they, FL? If we don't eat them all, I was going to freeze a couple for when The Herbal Husband goes to Peru! I'm going to try and work my magic! Thanks for stopping by! I need to come down your way! xo

CJ said...

I love stuffed peppers. We didn't grow any this year, I guess I just forgot to add them, but now I wish I had some to stuff. I did buy a few poblano peppers from the market the other day, but just got those roasted and peeled and pop them in the freezer for later. Wish I were sitting at your table now enjoying one of yours.

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh said...

My mom loves stuffed peppers so I am going to try this recipe for her when she comes for a visit. Thanks so much for sharing! Marcy

lemonverbenalady said...

Hi Carla, we mostly grow them every year. Some times with good results, some bad. We have started growing them in containers and it has worked out well. We'll have to work on that last sentence! xo

I hope you love them Marcy. We think they are really good. They freeze well and are easy to make. Thanks for dropping by. xo