Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Blogging for Mother Earth Living!

Trying to get you thinking about Christmas before Halloween!  Isn't that what all the stores are doing?  I have given you some quick and easy ideas for herbal Christmas craft projects that you can do with your kids and grands.  Here is the link called Simple Holiday Crafts with Herbs.   And until they fix it, here are the instruction for the spice wreaths that is missing in the post.   Oh, and one more idea or two, applesauce ornaments and gingerbread ones as well.  Hope it gives you some holiday inspiration!  Getting this post done, because tomorrow, I'm going to give you another easy way to preserve lemon verbena for the fall and winter season.  Stay tuned.


Pammy said...

OH Goodness you have my brain ticking with that post!! I'm sharing it tomorrow!! Off to bed now NITE xo

Tufa Girl said...

Oh, don't forget the applesauce ornaments! They are one of my favorite holiday craft recipes.

lemonverbenalady said...

Now it's even better Ms. Pammy! xo

OK, TG, they are added! xo