Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Setting Up for Rose Geranium Jelly and An Herbal Cocktail Too!

Sterilize Quart Jars with Boiling Water for Ten Minutes!
Twelve Rose Geranium Leaves in Each Jar with a BIG Bottle of White Zinfandel Wine
A Little More Than Two Cups of Wine in Each Jar
Our weather has gone downhill FAST!  I actually had the heat on in the car today!  Winter can't be far off.  I harvested pineapple sage leaves yesterday and separated them into small Chinese takeout soup containers.  The leaves hold very well in those containers.  One recipe in each container.  I'll make those tomorrow.  I also as you can see set up the rose geranium jelly.  An extra bonus in that is that the extra flavored wine (about 1-1/2 cups) can be an aperitif for you and a close herbal friend!  My herbal companion, Bonnie and I had a toast with our friend, Sharon Lovejoy and her phone man in Cincinnati last year!   So it is very fast to make.  This will be ready on Friday and is very delicious. I also pulled out one of my favorite books called The Herbal Pantry by Emelie Tolley and Chris Mead.  In it Emelie says you only need a couple of days to enhance a wine and about two weeks or so for other liquors.  I'm thinking of doing some Cabernet Sauvignon with either sage, thyme or rosemary.  Of course, the traditional herb and wine combo is Riesling with sweet woodruff for May wine.  I think you get the idea.
Lots of Good and Easy Recipes for Holidays Gift Giving!
I've already had a couple of cups of tea today!  The Herbal Husband and I were huddling about what can survive a 30 night and what needs to get harvested or potted up!  Yes, yes, we are still doing that.  I think the last one is coming in tonight.  Hopefully you are enjoying a bit of outside heat!  Look I'm already whining here!  I'll talk to you later.  Really happy and you should be too, I've reserved my space and one for my friend, Bonnie at the Village Herb Shop for their annual holiday basket class on December 14th.  I feel a giveaway coming your way!


Cindy in FW said...

I love visuals. I would love to make this but I am horrible to scented geraniums. I will only be able to make one jar each year... right after I buy the plant LOL.

We have been in the low 40's here already. Been watching the weather closely as I do not have my greenhouse up yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for a couple more days 'til I have a day free for construction.


lemonverbenalady said...

I'm sorry you can't grow scented geraniums. Ours have been hit or miss this year. I'm hoping they last the night so I can cut back and dry the rest of the rose scented ones tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Hope you get your greenhouse done soon! xo

Faith said...

I'm going to check out the book
The Herbal Pantry... You are so jam packed with info about herbs..
you are my go to person for sure.

I love scented geraniums. I did not get one this year, but will next year. They are awesome.

lemonverbenalady said...

It is a great book Faith. As is all of Emilie Tolley and Chris Meade's books. Scented geraniums are the best. Thanks for your kind words about my blog! xo