Monday, December 12, 2016

In My Haste, Herbally Speaking!

A Beautiful Rose Thorns and All!

Really beautiful bee balm Pressed!
A Lovely Rose Bud and Other Roses in Bloom!
Sometimes my haste makes for beautiful items, florally speaking!  As I was undoing my paper towel tower the other day, I came across the beautiful red rose with thorns, a couple of very complete bee balms pressed nicely and various roses, especially the blush colored one and I don't think I grew it!  Oops, senior moment!  The Herbal Husband may be able to remind me where it came from.  It is really senior times here!  He doesn't remember either! Oh, boy, we in big trouble! Hee! Hee!  But we're having fun!  Reviewing photos from earlier this year for my annual calendar and the blush rose was from my talk on Shakespeare's herbs and flowers!  Whew!

So I thought shadow box, but then I would have to spray them and they probably won't last too long even sprayed.  Then I thought about making an old-fashioned scrapbook as they did in Victorian times.  I just had a light bulb moment down in my work space.  I have a bunch of lavender leaves that have dried.  I am going to put those in a glass apothecary jar and place the pressed flowers along the edges of the jar and the lavender leaves will hold the pressed flowers in suspension.

Will Probably Move This Out of Direct Light!
A View From the Top!
 Actually like it a lot!  Lost a few petals and leaves when arranging, but I really like the look.  I had it in a smaller container, but it was too jammed in.  Sort of looks like a dried terrarium from Victorian times!  Never know what I am going to discover in my haste!

Going to be in the deep freeze by the end of the week.  We have lost our snow already.  Only one more day to enter my herbal mystery giveaway.  I am thinking we are going to leave it a mystery except to say there is jam and jelly coming to the lucky winner!  So if you want to leave a comment, click here or go to the upper right hand column of my home page to enter.  Remember 5:00 PM, EST, Tuesday, December 13, 2016 is the deadline.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a sweet jar of summer's gardens loveliness. I like how you placed them, and know you will enjoy them.

Very warm and humid down here in s.e. FL. Cold front, ha, no such thing happened down here, it stayed further north.

Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady