Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Schermer Windmills, Peter the Windmill Master and Enkhuizen!

Almost Looks Like Pennsylvania
Oops, not Pennsylvania, I think It's Holland!
Took a Tour of This Windmill
Schermer Mill Complex Map
Calendulas Happily Blooming
Peter the Windmill Master
The picturesque landscape Around the Mill

Peter Lives in a Mill

The Outhouse

Driving Along a Dike
 The Schermer windmills were used for pumping water and reclaiming land for farming.  It took approximately four years to accomplish this.  The reclaimed land lies approximately 12 feet below sea level.  Other windmills are used for milling grains.  Peter the mill master took us into the mill and showed us how a family lived in the mill.  Then he stopped the sails from turning.  It is a very delicate process.  He is a very dedicated man to the preservation of the windmills even living in one close by.  You can get more information about the windmills by clicking the link above.

Entering the Old Town of Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen is Known for Fishing

A Typical Dutch Lunch of Croquettes, Salad and Bread!

Lots of People Out Enjoying the Day

Gardening Wherever You Can

Some of the Buildings of Enkhuizen

A Small Herb Garden

And a Place to Sit!
We had a very lovely day visiting Enkhuizen.  It is a charming fishing village.  Lovely historic buildings are being preserved.  It was very picturesque.   We are still in the humidity and heat!  The Dog Days of Summer!   Hope you are staying cool wherever you may be.  Talk to you later.


Pat said...

Blue skies and puffy clouds - looks like beautiful weather to view windmills...

And that outhouse is too much!!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

It was a beautiful day, TO. The outhouse perched over the water! UGH!