Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Dutch Nurseries-Double the Fun!

Catalog for De Hessenhof
A Salvia 'Crispa' I Hadn't Ever Seen
Hope The Plant Tag Police Aren't Watching!
Compost for Sale
Beautiful Display Gardens
Lavenders in Full Bloom
Very Much Like A Trial Garden Here
Can Get an Idea About the True Size of a Plant
Our Dutch hosts just knew the right activity for me would be to visit two plant nurseries in their area.  They did not disappoint!  The first called De Hessenhof had a beautiful catalog which I can't read, but I do know botanical latin names so there were a lot of familiar plants to see.  When you click the link above, you can get an English translation for a description of the nursery.  I found four herbs, two salvias and two rosemarys that I had not heard of before.  They did have a small hedge of the 'Crispa' salvias which I thought was very effective.  The display gardens were just beautiful and I think it was a great help to buyers coming to buy a specific plant to see how tall, wide and what shade was the flower.

Then we were off to Boshoeve (which translates to Wood Farm) in Wolfheze.
Typical Dutch Farmhouse
Espaliered Apple
Nasturtiums Under the Espaliered Apple
Mint and Lovage
Perilla for Japanese Cooking
Boshoeve's Display Garden
A Stand of Pink Monarda
You Knew I Would Find a Blooming Lemon Verbena!
Ladybug Loves the Mint!
A Floral Arrangement Graces the Table in the Market Area
Nigellas Are the Standout in This Arrangement
I loved this nursery as well.  It was smaller, but it was lovely.  They had wagons or carts full of plants.  Of course, I had to scope out the herbs.  Found a lot of my favorites, including blooming lemon verbenas!  They also had a flea market with handcrafted items and used items as well.  I found a book on herbs.  Again, can't read it, but the botanical names will help me with what's what!  We had a fun morning and we headed to near Amsterdam in the afternoon for the next adventure.

It is still hotter than you know what!  Hopefully some rain tonight!  Talk to you later.

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