Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Adventures at Mother Earth News Fair and Zen Moments

Under the Tent the Toyota Plug-in Car!

A llama from The Herbal Husband's Birth Place, Peru

The Timberstone Room Where I Spoke

Cinnamon Ice Cream

A Baby Alpaca!

 Demonstrating Horseradish Jelly

Not Very Zen Like Table

Herbal Tea for My Zen Moments

Started with Raspberry Jam

And Ended with Rose Geranium Jelly
Well, I can make jam and jelly in my kitchen all day.  I struggled at the Mother Earth News Fair and didn't finish the horseradish jelly I was trying to make.  I did get it into jars in the back and canned it when I got home, but that wasn't what I was supposed to do.  I get very excited to share my passion and some times it gets too overwhelming.  I tried to do too much and 45 minutes isn't a long time until you must do something and it doesn't get finished like you want.  The Herbal Husband was there to support me and he was a great comfort, positive, loving and just what I needed after I finished.  I also want to thank K.C., Gina, Allison from The Herb Companion magazine for helping me and supporting me.  James D., Christine and my volunteer, Jen, for their support as well.  Got to see some of the fair and of course, have cinnamon ice cream.

Took a day off and then it was back making jam and jelly this morning and afternoon.  Had to have a cup of herbal tea during the moments.  I made a batch of raspberry jam this morning and two batches of lemon verbena jelly this afternoon and finished with a rose geranium jelly batch.  Then I set up the last rose geranium batch with the last of the wine.  I might have to get another bottle of wine, because I still have a lot of leaves left.  Going to try and catch you up on the garden.  Have some photos to share.  The weather is still pretty good.  We did have almost an inch of rain last night!  The sun is out at the moment.  Hope you are having a great day wherever you may be.  Talk to you later. 


Pat said...

Wow Nancy - I agree 45 minutes is really a time crunch situation...but it sounds like you made the most of it - and bet you inspired your audience in the process!
Way back in the 1980's I did a basic herbal talk at a nearby greenhouse...herbs were mostly unexplored in our area then. I remember my time slot was for about 30 minutes or so & we all ended up going for well over an hour with questions & sharing...it was great!

Our rain has moved on and we have glorious sunshine - have a good rest of the week.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks TO! I didn't have that luxury on Sunday. They whisked me away!

Unknown said...

I think you might want to get a little more wine to sit and enjoy with the herbal husband after all that. What an adventure. I have been to a lot of demonstrations but never have seen a canning one from beginning to end - never enough time allotted to the presenter. I am certain you were a big hit. (Yum, cinnamon ice cream?!)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Had a nice note from my editor, KC. She told me not to worry. I think if everything had been set up and if I had done lemon verbena jelly, I would have gotten it done! Yes, cinnamon ice cream. I think I should have had some after my talk. It might have helped!

seanymph said...

Your brave, a canning demo. Ive done lots of cooking demos but canning....sounds like it might be tough. I know I struggle just to get it done here in my home........which btw Ive been doing constantly lately and havent been online much...except for posting my canning. lol