Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Your Typical Basil! (UPDATED FOR TUFA GIRL A/K/A FW DIRT)!

This is one of my favorite basils.  It is a green pepper basil.  Yes, it does smell and taste like green peppers.  It has survived through the 40's because it has been close to the rock wall this season.  It is a very decorative plant.

Sorta of did a half done (You can insert the word you like better there.) post yesterday.  Tufa Girl a/k/a FW Dirt asked me botanical name, etc. If I had had time FWD, you know I would have. Here you go, FWD.
Here is a really good article link from The Herb Companion and Jim Long, FWD with the botanical name, Ocimum selloi.

We tried to save seeds from our plant and gave them to our niece in Peru.  The seeds didn't germinate.  Seeds when they drop in the container do germinate.   Jim mentions two sources Mulberry Creek in Ohio.  They don't do mail order any more.  Nichols is the other source and I can't see them there either.  Companion Plants in Ohio does sell the seeds and here is the link to buy green pepper basil seeds.  Hope you can get the seeds.

Got to run.  Already saw 50/50 at the movies.  50/50 is good, but language is rough.  If you don't like the f word, this movie is not for you.  Talk to you later.


Unknown said...

A friend bought me one when she was visiting in Houston (this was a couple of years ago - you may remember this story). Lost it this past winter. I have yet to find this plant again. Do you have a botanical name or a place I might order it online? It is a beautiful plant.

Unknown said...

YEAH! I will add it to my list of seeds to try this winter. I did not mean to pressure on the botanical name. I just could not find it when I looked. The tag in the pot was no help. Ocimum sp.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

When they put Ocimum sp., it probably means they don't what it is! Glad to help, FWD. Just remind me when I forget do that! As I was typing yesterday. I thought someone might ask what the botanical name was! Talk to you later.

Laura of said...

Hmmm... I've never heard of this basil before; very interesting! Also was amazed at your Jasmine and Scented Geranium plants... WOW! I am trying to spend a bit more time in Blogland now that things outside are simmering down! So happy to visit you again! Happy October!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks Laura for stopping by! Have to come visit you soon!